Micro Peel Facial for Today's Man

Written by Enrique Ramirez, L.E., L.M.T.
Men may be from Mars and women from may be from Venus, but when it comes to skin care and aging, they share the same planet. One of the differences between men and women is that men are more discreet and quiet about their fear of aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, gray hair, and ingrown hairs (due to shaving) are some of the common concerns that…
Men’s skin care is all about high performance. Insightful integration of an effective, daily regimen is as vital to improving the health of men’s skin as it is to women’s, but getting most men to do this is difficult unless the skin care professional has a good understanding of masculine psychology. Understanding what moves a man to commit to daily practices that will improve the…
by Mara Shorr, B.S., CAC II-XII and Jay A. Shorr, B.A., MBM-C, CAC I-XII Men and women are incredibly different, especially when talking about what makes them push the purchase button while surfing a website or what leads them to pick up the phone to make an appointment at the spa. If skin care professionals are looking to grow their male client base, making a…

Why Hyperpigmentation is Your Best Friend

Written by Ben Johnson, M.D.
Most clients hate their unsightly spots. If skin care professionals knew that everything they have been taught about age spots is wrong, perhaps they would view them with more love and kindness. Logic and observation shows that it is time to embrace a modernized view of the aging process and, specifically, hyperpigmentation. The skin and body perform trillions of actions every day with grace and…

Taking Natural to the Next Level

Written by Tami Rumbaugh, L.M.E.
Natural ingredients, specifically from botanical sources, are powerful plant extracts and oils derived from flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots, and berries. High-quality, results-oriented botanical skin care today has advanced technology and the latest, most-innovative ingredients. Botanical skin care today helps maintain youthful looking skin, working to prevent future damage. Skin care professionals can address the needs of the skin by using natural ingredient-based skin care…

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