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Aging Skin: Prevent, Maintain, Reverse

Written by Dieter Kuster, Ph.D.
All too often, we use the term ‘aging skin’ to describe the visible process of getting older on the body’s largest organ. We as humans start to age from the moment we are born until we pass, so when we refer to aging skin, we are actually talking about aging itself.
Topical delivery platforms in cosmetic formulations can target specific skin layers, improve ingredient stability, reduce the potential for irritation, and enhance ingredient availability to the skin, thus, increasing product performance. These multi-faceted systems have the potential to transform the way cosmetic formulas are put together and drive delivery platform innovation.

Catering to the Man

Written by Suki Kramer
The quest for clear skin is no longer consigned to women’s magazines or women in general. Men have finally begun to learn that they too have skin care needs and that they can look and feel better by taking care of their skin. And it does not have to cost much or be as complicated as they once thought! Their desire for effective skin care…

Male Clientele: A Growth Opportunity

Written by Catherine Atzen, M.B.A., CIDESCO
The trend spans over a generation and solidifies. As years pass, an increasing percentage of men value the benefits of skin care products and many seek spa services. Demographics support that men’s use of products and more frequent bookings of spa visits represent significant business growth opportunities in cosmetic retail and to the professional aesthetics industry. Changing attitudes towards the importance of one’s appearance take…
Oxygen uptake in the skin has been an attractive cosmetic property for many years. Ingredients that imply oxygenation, energizing, and cellular respiration often speak to addressing the impact of increasing the needs of oxygen for all of skin's metabolic processes. Some products claim to oxygenate skin with breathable formulations, non-ROS oxygenating ingredients, while certain products use free radical peroxides which can damage skin.

January 2023

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