Men’s Versus Women’s Skin Care: A Quick Comparison

Written by Monique Enriquez, freelance writer, speaker, tv presenter, and beauty and wellness expert
Many clients have been taught or have learned that having good habits and living a healthy lifestyle will give them a better, happier, and longer life. They know that eating well, exercising regularly, sleeping eight hours daily, relaxing, meditating, and having fun with friends and family are simple, habitual actions that make a big difference long-term. But, when it comes to their skin, they may…
Rosacea is a skin condition that affects as many as 1 in 20 people and, because it mainly affects the face, it presents a significant problem for everything from makeup applications to facials. When treating a person with rosacea, here’s what you should and shouldn’t do. DO: BE PARTICULARLY GENTLE Rosacea typically reddens skin and it also generates discomfort through stinging or burning sensations, making…

How to Treat Scar Tissue

Written by Cheryl Miller, massage therapist, master aesthetician, oncology aesthetician, and continuing education provider
Just about every client who walks into a spa has a scar. Scar tissue remodeling is a very desired service in the industry and manual manipulation is well within the aesthetician’s scope of practice, but most people are intimidated or not sure how to do it. WHAT ARE SCARS? Scars are areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that develop in the dermis, which is comprised of…

Black Magic: The Wonders of Black Tea

Written by Anabel de la Vega, certified license specialist and author of TAO – The Art of Relaxation
Black tea is a very common tea that comes from the plant camellia sinensis. The tea’s oxidation level is what gives it its color and flavor. During the process stage, it is fermented and oxidized. The compounds found in black tea are theaflavins and thearubigins, which have great health benefits. Black tea has few calories and minimal proteins, carbohydrates, and sodium. Black tea helps with…

Men's Makeup: Top Tips for a Corrective and Undetectable Application

Written by Pamela Taylor, New York-based author and makeup artist
In the United States, the use of makeup for the average man will continue to grow and men will seek to use products that are both corrective and undetectable. The average American male, no matter what his background, will eventually feel comfortable purchasing and using personal care products as part of an everyday routine. Applying makeup to a man’s face is different than women’s makeup.…

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