With so many CBD distributors in the marketplace, having a basic understanding of CBD extraction and hemp sourcing can be critical in order to make an informed decision when comparing products. The CBD used in skin care is primarily extracted from the stalks and stems of low THC-content, industrial hemp plants. Hemp farms are found all over the globe and the hemp used to produce…

Hemp Harmony: CBD-Compatible Ingredients

Written by Lisa Richards, co-CEO and formulation specialist at L’eela CBD Body Care
A nutrient-rich ingredient, CBD, particularly that derived from whole plant extracts derived from hemp, is an oil that not only provides excellent hydration, it contains significant amounts of antioxidants, most notably vitamin C and E and amino and fatty acids. These essential elements help to improve skin tone, enhance cellular regeneration, and restore elasticity. To fully unlock the benefits of CBD, when shopping for skin…

No Prescription Needed: 10 Skin Benefits of CBD

Written by Heather Kreider, L.E., R.N., co-founder of Hempfield Botanicals
Hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products are all the buzz right now in the skin care and natural wellness industries. With a vast amount of information available, including marketing hype based on unsubstantiated claims, it is natural that many are wondering what the truth is about CBD and its effects on skin and health. It is critical not to accept all claims about CBD’s benefits at face…

The High Road: Incorporating CBD into the Spa

Written by Matthew Kane, president and co-founder of Complete Body Daily
What would a 30% increase in business mean for a spa owner? The ability to hire more staff? Expanding their location and offerings? Taking that long-awaited family vacation? Surely, those answers are obvious for most. The real question is “how?” Business growth is pretty simple: increase the number of clients, increase spending per client, or, in a best-case scenario, combine the two. There is really…
Skin aging is a multifaceted process that is contingent upon a number of factors and causes. Though genetics may be predetermined and shape the pace of aging, extrinsic factors significantly affect and accelerate the process. As skin matures, it is common for dry skin problems to follow, as increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL) can lead to impaired barrier function and dry skin (xerosis). Both skin…

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