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Top Tips for Treating Mature Skin

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Who is not looking for tips for treating mature skin? At the top of the list are our clients, and the skin care professional had better have some answers or they will be looking elsewhere. The bottom line is that no one wants to age, especially not prematurely. So, what to do and where to start?

First, understand and accept that everyone ages. Aging is not a bad thing. With it comes a wealth of knowledge that can only be achieved through maturing. However, aging does not just affect thinking, it affects the skin, too. As a client ages, they begin to lose elasticity in their skin, oil glands produce less oil, making the skin drier, and years of sun damage rears its ugly head resulting in age spots, hyperpigmentation, and sagging skin. Are there options out there besides a complete face lift to turn back time? Or to at least slow it down? The answer is yes.




A daily skin care regimen must be at the top of a client’s list in treating mature skin. Facials and advanced skin treatments will assist in improving the health of skin but what a client does at home is most important. Their skin care routine should be simple and not overly aggressive. 




Blood is the key to healing skin. It is imperative that increased vascular activity be achieved within the skin on a daily basis. Products that have niacin (vitamin B3) will open capillaries and get that blood flow moving. The quality of blood is just as important, so eating healthy and controlling stress is a must.




As a client ages, their skin becomes thinner. The capillaries which assist in nourishing skin are very close to the surface. If the skin care professional uses products or machines that are too abrasive, they risk damaging these capillaries. One can achieve exfoliation without using abrasive products.




This is where the skin care professional can get carried away. Skin produces its own moisture through the sebaceous glands. Skin care professionals should not fill oil glands back up but instead should supplement the skins’ own natural moisture system with highly refined oils and products that will leave the skin supple, not greasy.



Use as needed and reapply.



Using the best skin care products would be pointless if the cosmetics that are used add buildup to the skin. Product buildup on the skin will make fine lines look deeper, age spots darker, and pores larger. Be sure clients’ cosmetics are water-based.




Facials and skin treatments such as LED light therapy and microcurrent have incredible benefits for mature skin. Results are immediate, long-lasting, and noninvasive. However, recommend getting started with an effective, daily skin care regimen first, and then move into more advanced skin treatments. The healthier the skin is prior to any advanced treatments, the better the results and the longer they will last.

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