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Wednesday, 30 June 2021 06:17

What’s in My Makeup Bag This Summer

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What’s in My Makeup Bag This Summer What’s in My Makeup Bag This Summer
With summer right around the corner, most days will be spent basking under the sun. And with sunny days, comes sweating…a lot. Keeping your makeup fresh and in place is a recurring issue during the hot, humid days to come. We sweat, our pores get clogged, and makeup breaks apart, leaving us feeling like a sticky mess! However, investing in a few clean makeup products can upgrade your summer makeup bag to achieve a long-lasting, fresh, sun-kissed glow!

First, and foremost, it’s crucial to wear an oil-free, broad-spectrum SPF whenever you are outside. Research shows that 80% of premature aging is a result of sun damage. Not only will sunscreen protect you from any UV rays, but it’ll also act as a steady base for the rest of your makeup. Many SPF’s are lightweight and can give you a glowy finish or mattify your skin depending on your skin type and the look you are trying to achieve. Side note – it’s important to use an oil-free sunscreen so that it doesn’t clog your pores!

One product that is an absolute must for the summer is GINAMARIE’s Herbal Hydrating Mist! This mist is a cult favorite that can be used to set makeup in place or freshen up throughout the day. I love to carry the Mini Herbal Hydrating Mist (which you can purchase in the travel kit) in my purse for touch-ups throughout the day. Whenever I start to feel the heat a little too much or my makeup fading, I spritz the mist a few times and instantly my makeup pulls together for a radiant, refreshed feeling. The clean mix of aloe and an herbal blend of ingredients is the perfect recipe for calming the skin. It’s also loaded with antioxidants to prevent oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

I’m also OBSESSED with GINAMARIE’S Cheek Contour! This is probably my favorite summer essential. It comes in two shades: Bronze and Pink. I prefer the Bronze because it adds the perfect amount of warmth for a sun-kissed glow. Both shades come in three colors to fit skin tones universally. I like to swirl around the product with a big, fluffy brush and apply it around the perimeter of my forehead, all over my cheeks, on my nose, and around my jawline. The warm, shimmering, browns make my skin look like I spent a week in the tropics! Again, these ingredients are all clean, so you won’t break out from any pore-clogging ingredients that might mix with sweat and bacteria! Healthy skin is happy skin!

Another summer go-to product is GINAMARIE’s Loose Translucent Powder. Powder is key in keeping your makeup from moving around and lasting all day. The powder comes in two different colors for lighter and darker complexions. Feeling fresh and clean is all about using products that are formulated with clean ingredients. I prefer this powder over other translucent powders because it’s so finely milled that it doesn’t feel like anything is on your face, which is important since the hot weather can make you feel like you’re wearing 100 lbs of makeup. It also contains a lot fewer ingredients than other powders, meaning it won’t cause any unwanted flare-ups! In the winter I usually bake with powder, but to keep that light, natural look, I swipe the powder over my t-zone!

Lastly, I believe a gloss is a summer staple. GINAMARIE’s Lip Gloss delivers the perfect amount of shimmer, giving that lit from within look. My favorite shade is Mimosa. It is natural, yet makes the lips sparkle to finish off the glowy, bronzed look we all are trying to achieve during the warmer months. The plant-derived ingredients make for a light texture that won’t leave your lips feeling sticky.

I promise these products won’t disappoint! Happy Summer!
Gina Marie McGuire
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