7 Secrets Every Aesthetician Should Know About Skin of Color

Written by Eunice Cofie-Obeng, founder, chief cosmetic chemist, and aesthetician at Nuekie
The skin care market is growing but there is still an untapped need for personalized skin care services for people of color. Women and men of color are looking for skin care specialists who understand their unique skin care needs. Unfortunately, many aestheticians never receive adequate training on skin of color in aesthetics school. Getting quality education on how to treat the unique structure and…

Understanding Hydrosols

Written by Mary Ellen Dorey, registered aromatherapist
Hydrosols, also known as floral waters or hydrolats, are produced through distillation of essential oils. In a steam distillation method, the hydrosol – or water of the plant – is released and the essential oil floats on top and is siphoned off. Some producers create hydrosols for their own unique benefits, bypassing the essential oils. The term hydrosol means water solution, from “hydro,” meaning water,…

Tackling Teenage Acne

Written by Louis Silberman
In a world where personal images are so easily accessible, dealing with teenage acne can be especially challenging. Many are familiar with a recent incident involving gorgeous model Kendall Jenner, who, sporting a few pimples on the red carpet, received some fairly heartbreaking backlash regarding her complexion on social media – almost as if she had done something wrong. Professionals know that acne is no…
Skin hydration is important, but it is not only achieved through topical treatments. Diet can also help to keep the skin from becoming too dry. But the question is, which vitamins, minerals and nutrients are skin-hydrating and which vegetables and fruits can they be found in?
Historically, psoriasis was not always understood or treated effectively. Although treatments and attitudes towards the disease have evolved, those living with the disease still endure much difficulty. Today, understanding the history, clinical types, contributing factors, and available treatments of psoriasis can help professionals provide relief to clients who may be suffering from it.

Age Spots

Written by by Ahmed Abdullah, M.D., FACS, FICS, CEO and founder of Lexli International
The proper name for age spots is solar lentigines. Despite their nickname, aging is not the primary cause of age spots. Most age spots range in size from a freckle to the size of a dime. They are flat and oval in shape and can be tan or brown in color. While age spots are primarily caused by ultraviolet exposure, some individuals have a genetic…

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