Sensitive skin is a common condition that affects a majority of people and commonly has predisposed factors such as ethnicity. Factors such as an impaired skin barrier, a weakened immune system, inflammation, and digestive health can contribute to the skin’s sensitivity. When treating sensitive skin, both internal and external factors should be considered.

Identifying and Treating Rosacea

Written by Jennifer Linder, M.D.
Rosacea has long been a frustrating condition for both skin care professionals and those who suffer from the condition. While its cause is not fully understood, it is widely accepted that inflammation plays a primary role.
Move over coconut oil, there is a new miracle oil in town! Rosehip oil is cold-pressed and comes from the rosehip seed. Rosehip is the fruit left behind after the petals fall off a rose. Inside the fruit are seeds from which the oil is extracted. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, rosehip oil is quickly gaining its place in the hearts of skin care professionals…
In our zealousness to incorporate new modalities into client treatments, skin care professionals often ask, “Which modalities can I combine with chemical peels?” However, the questions that professionals should ask themselves instead are:

Skin Care for Adventure-centric Clients

Written by Melissa Picoli, L.E.
Sometimes even the best aestheticians get a little stuck in ruts, and can think of skin simply as either dry, oily, mature, acneic, or sensitive. Client intake forms usually ask for current routines, skin types, medications, and goals, but rarely ask about a client’s lifestyle and activities. This makes it too easy for professionals to inadvertently treat and recommend based solely on how a client’s skin…

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