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A Man’s World

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More and more men are regularly treating their skin both at home and in spas. For many professionals, male clients may be some of their most loyal clients. But when looking at the reality of the state of cisgendered men’s skin care, it is by no means as normalized in the mainstream markets as experts have long been predicting. Why is this the case? Why is it rare for cisgendered men to place value in properly caring for their skin with consistent morning and night skin care routines? 

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Michael McGuireMichael McGuire is the CEO of GM Revolution. With a background in mechanical engineering, entrepreneurship, and growing up in the skin care industry, McGuire is on a mission to normalize men taking care of the health of their skin. GM Revolution is introducing men to the concept of skin health while empowering them to be positive agents of change in their communities. GM Revolution wants to shape the future of men’s skin care.  

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