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Hormonal Aging: The Missing Link to Age Management

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A skin professional’s chances of treating a client for aging issues are very high. It is a word that creates agitation and additionally provides a lucrative stream of return business a spa. Aging is a large umbrella term and from a marketing standpoint, it is up to the skin care professional to make sure they are covering all the bases with comprehensive treatment strategies. Typically, professionals deal with the extrinsic, environmental, and premature components of aging skin because, they are the most widely educated on and easily recognized in age management care. They are vital pieces to the puzzle and should ideally always be addressed with each client, but maybe there feels like a brick wall to the target goals. So, what could possibly be the missing link? Hormonal aging. Professionals know hormones can create a variety of skin issues to appear and aging is no exception. Here are some guidelines to better understand where the treatment of hormonally aging skin completes a holistic approach.


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Elizabeth Brasher





Elizabeth Brasher is a licensed aesthetician since 2011 and has been practicing with a strive for advanced skin care education ever since. Brasher is the lead for Facelogic Spa of Murphy, Texas for the last three years. She continues to devote herself to helping her colleagues offering expert training, heading online aesthetics forums, and writing contributions to industry magazines. At the beginning of 2020 Brasher became DERMASCOPE Magazine’s in-house aesthetician.

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