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Friday, 13 August 2021 03:24

Power Couples

Written by   Eve Taylor North America
Power Couples Power Couples
Combining electrotherapy with the active ingredients in aromatherapy-based skincare can lead to impressive skin results.
Matt Taylor, brand and education manager at Eve Taylor London, explains how to make it work for your clients

Cosmetic electrotherapy has been a key feature utilised by the beauty industry since the 1970s, with traditional modalities consisting of galvanic, high frequency, and microcurrent. As technology has progressed over the decades, skincare professionals now have access to many modalities to supercharge treatments, including ultrasound, ultrasonic, radiofrequency, LED, to name but a few.

While each device offers unique effects, without the right supporting products the ultimate results are less likely to be achieved. When using electrotherapy modalities within facial treatments, many beauty therapists assume they must be combined with scientific, technologically advanced skincare formulations to achieve a noticeable improvement to the skin, but Eve Taylor, the naturally beautiful aromatherapy brand, has created a range that allows you to combine nature and science together, offering treatments that give noticeable improvements while maintaining an aromatic and sensorial experience.

Exfoliation & Deep Cleansing

The range from Eve Taylor can be fully integrated with skin preparation when using ultrasonic technology. Deeply purifying formulations packed with tea tree oil and lemongrass essential oils within a foaming base can be propelled into the skin using sound waves, expelling grime and pollutants from the follicles as the blade edge passes, leaving the skin fresh and squeaky clean.

For those who wish to power up their exfoliation, an ultrasonic blade edge can be used, combined with professional resurfacing products formulated with fruit-based hydroxy acids or proteolytic enzymes. The active ingredients in the products will digest corneocytes and loosen the bonds that give cells cohesion to each other. The combined use of ultrasonic technology emits soundwaves to vibrate the cells, further loosening them and gently abrading with the blade, giving an excellent resurfacing action for impressive results.

Oxygen Response Serum

Formulations include the pomegranate and yeast-rich, which acts as a true skin tonic for those who need a re-energising skin boost and pick me up. This highly concentrated professional use serum improves the cell’s ability to consume and utilize oxygen. Improved cell oxygenation leads to increased cellular energy, tissue regeneration and a refreshed complexion.

Product Penetration

With so many electrical modalities on the market for product penetration, it can be challenging to determine which is best for your business and whether the chosen device can be used with a product range.

Eve Taylor has an extensive offering of electrical-compatible serums, gels and masques, which can all be combined with machines to drive them deep into the skin and give clients the results they crave. Whether using galvanic iontophoresis, ultrasound, ultrasonic or even LED therapy, these innovative formulations will impress.

The range of professional response serums are packed with botanicals and natural ingredients, yet, boast a scientific edge to achieve skin enhancements. The selection is highly concentrated and positively charged for supreme ionisation benefits.

Pigment Response Serum

This mulberry and vitamin C-rich , promotes a monotone complexion and helps to banish uneven skin tone .This professional use only serum responds to pigmentation changes from intense sun exposure, hyperpigmentation that comes with age, post-inflammatory pigmentation marks and other uneven skin tone related concerns.

Oily & Congested Skin

Oily and congested skins can also benefit from the combination of botanicals and electrical current with decongesting treatments. When using galvanic current on the negative polarity to create an alkaline effect, use with a desincrustation solution rich in aloe vera, chamomile and coconut based skin softeners to further assist with the saponification of impacted sebum in the follicles, allowing for easier comedone extractions and ultimately clearer skin.

If the client’s skin is especially congested, desincrustation products can be customised with Lemon Hydrolat for enhanced degreasing actions. This aromatic water, among others in the Eve Taylor range, is ideal for boosting the effects of professional products to take results to the next level.

Sebum Response Serum

Abundant in tea tree oil and niacinamide to regulate overactive sebaceous glands and refine pore size. This highly concentrated professional use serum addresses imbalances for those experiencing excessive oiliness, congestion or breakouts.

Lifting & Firming

For therapists with a client base concerned with ageing, the range of electrical compatible serums extends into the Age Resist range. With the skin-quenching Hydrating Serum abundant in hyaluronic acid to plump skin and create a dewy complexion; Brightening Serum to promote radiance while helping to build collagen and defend against free radical damage with its triple vitamin C formulation, and Firming Serum, a skin-strengthening elixir to firm and combat free radicals with co-enzyme Q10 and peptides working in harmony to protect collagen and elastin fibres from degradation while giving an immediate firming sensation. The highly effective serums can be used in combination with one of Eve Taylor’s many conductive mediums to ensure the smooth flow of current while assisting with skin improvement.

Microcurrent and radiofrequency are also catered for within the Eve Taylor range, with the formulations complementing skin-lifting treatments for visible effects. Firming Serum can be applied simultaneously or as a stand alone treatment serum to target loose skin tissues, or combined with lifting treatments for an all-round improvement.

For enhanced skin firming, customise Electro Gel with Peppermint Hydrolat. Its ultra-cooling actions help constrict the skin and further firm the epidermal layers. The cooling actions are especially beneficial when used with radiofrequency and help to counterbalance any irritating effects from the increased temperature.

Firming Serum

Formerly CoQ10 Serum.

This easily absorbed serum delivers potent anti-oxidants to firm and combat free radicals, protecting collagen and elastin fibres from degradation. With peptides to stimulate collagen production and minimise lines and wrinkles, the tightening effect on the surface gives an immediate firming sensation.

The botanical rich Anti-oxidant Masque is a firm favourite for ageing clients, while the aloe vera-rich Electro Gel is suitable for all skin types and conditions and intensively hydrates the skin as it conducts. To go one step further and really customise for the client’s specific needs, adding a few drops of Hydrolat to the chosen conductive medium not only makes the treatment aromatic but allows you to treat conditions simultaneously, with a serum targeting the primary skin concern and the enhanced conductive gel treating secondary concerns.

Anti-Oxidant Masque

A medium-weight creamy-textured masque infused with a unique powerhouse of natural good for skin ingredients to resist the signs of ageing and assist with the healthy functioning of the skin. Potent antioxidants neutralise damaging free radicals which contribute to skin ageing, vitamin-rich botanicals increase skin suppleness, brightness, luminosity, and essential hydration.

Hydrolat is created as part of the extraction process of essential oils, using steam, and retains many therapeutic properties of the oil while maintaining its water consistency, allowing it to be effectively infused and ionised into the skin. With eight Hydrolats in the range, you can select from Rose for all-round skin hydration, Lemon for oily skin, to Orange for intensive skin brightening.

The brand boasts its own electrical tool, the Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device. Exclusively available to Eve Taylor therapists, this handheld tool offers multiple settings to exfoliate, clarify and ionise, and supercharges formulations within the range to give clients impressive results.
Matt Taylor, brand and education manager at Eve Taylor London
Eve Taylor North America
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