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ilike organic skin care Age Defense Facial – featuring Magnetic Skin Therapy

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ilike organic skin care Age Defense Facial – featuring Magnetic Skin Therapy

Age Defense is for all ages – it is never too early to prevent! – This treatment protects the skin against pollutants, stress, sun exposure, and the free radicals of modern society. Note that this protocol provides options depending on the hydration level (or aging process) of the skin.

Step 1: CLEANSING I – to remove makeup, eye makeup, and most dust or pollution use ilike Lemon Cleansing Milk for normal to oily or pigmented skin types or ilike Grapeseed Cleansing Milk for premature, aging, dehydrated, dry, or loose skin types. Apply a small amount of cleanser over entire face and neck area and massage in gently for 30-60 seconds moving your fingertips in circular motions, then remove with damp face towel

Step 2: CLEANSING II – to remove leftover dust or pollution and any residue of makeup use ilike Mineral Exfoliating Wash for oily/combination, acne prone, inflamed, or sensitive skin or ilike Nettle Exfoliating Wash for normal to dry, itchy, or dehydrated skin. Mix a small amount of cleansing concentrate with water in hands. Apply and massage into skin with fingertips for one to three minutes in a circular motion covering the entire face and neck and avoiding the eye area. Remove completely with damp face towel.

Step 3: TONING - to balance the pH level, even out pores, and infuse vitamins and minerals use ilike Blackthorn Toner. Spray toner on skin or wipe skin with a cotton pad moistened with toner, or apply toner directly to skin with your hands.



Step 4: EXFOLIATION - to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and refine the complexion use ilike Rosehip Exfoliator for normal/combination, oily, sensitive, or rosacea skin or ilike Rolling Face & Body Exfoliator for dehydrated, dry, premature, or mature skin. Apply it to the skin until it dries. Leave on for 10 minutes for optimal results. Gently scrub off with a damp face towel. The Rosehip Exfoliator can be used under steam (use steam with the Rolling only for non-sensitive skin).

Step 5: MASSAGE - ilike Saponaria and Linaria Massage Cream for normal to oily, water deficient, or sensitive skin, skin that needs extractions. This cream softens the skin and opens the pores for easier extractions, and may be used even on the most sensitive skin.
Massage it into the skin to loosen the pores (may be used with steam) then proceed with extractions as needed.
ilike Paprika Stimulating Massage Cream is recommended for premature or mature skin, oil- and water deficiency, and lack of circulation. This cream slightly increases the circulation to achieve a better penetration of the nutrients of following the treatment.

Step 6: MASK – Use ilike Blackthorn Gel Mask for normal to oily, pale, tired, anaemic skin, ilike Sour Cherry Gel Mask for normal/combination, open pored premature skin, or ilike Pumpkin & Orange Mask for dry, loose and mature, aging skin. Apply mask to face and décolleté and leave on for 15-20 minutes for optimal results. Remove with a damp face towel.

Step 7: MAGNETIC REPAIR MASK use ilike Magnetic Skin Therapy for all skin types and ilike Calendula Oil, Yarrow Oil, Q10 Serum or Skin Power to suit the skin type. Apply a thin layer of the appropriate oil or serum and place a cosmetic gauze sheet over the face, neck, and décolleté area. Apply a thin layer of the mask on top of the gauze sheet. Leave on for 10-15 minutes until almost dry then remove the product by lifting the edge of the gauze (from top down) and pulling away from the skin. Immediately wipe off any residue with a damp disposable sheet or rinse thoroughly with clear water. (Note that this product may stain surfaces or linens, so disposable wipes are recommended.)

Step 8: HYDRATION – Apply the appropriate moisturizer and serum choices (serum first). Choose from ilike Age Defense Bioflavonoid Serum with Blackthorn Whipped Moisturizer for normal to oily, pale, tired, anaemic skin, ilike Age Defense Bioflavonoid Serum with Sour Cherry Whipped Moisturizer for normal/combination, open pored premature skin, or ilike Age Defense Bioflavonoid Serum and Age Defense Bioflavonoid Moisturizer for normal to dry, premature or aging, tired skin.

Finish treatment with appropriate eyecare, lip balm, and sun protection.

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