FACT OR FICTION: There is such a thing as sunburnt DNA.

Written by Catherine Atzen, L.E., M.B.A., founder of ATZEN Superior to Organic® Skin Care
Sun damage is developed in two ways: by sunburns or through accumulated sun damage over time. Most people suffer from both. Most have experienced sunburns, mostly as children, and can remember the burning sensation, hot and swollen skin, consequent blisters and peeling, itchiness, and misery. Daily sun damage over years of exposure – even without burns or irritation – can go unnoticed for years, until…
Today, it is difficult not to notice the growing trend for natural, organic, and less chemically-laden products. Everything from foods to home goods to skin care has changed course from laboratory formulations to producing the purest products possible. As professionals, is it necessarily better to advise clients to make the switch? Recent studies show almost 50 percent of consumers today are buying natural beauty products…

An effective skin care regimen should contain products from the same line.

Written by Alissa de Jongh, ND, owner of Glacé Skin Therapy
Skin care packaging in a product line can be lovely, especially when everything matches with soothing colors and bright metallic lining that catches the eye. However, is it always necessary to purchase all of the spa’s skin care items from the same line to get an effective result? The answer is no. It is all relative to what clients’ expectations are from the products.The scientists…

Fact or Fiction: Most sun damage accumulates before the age of 18.

Written by Amanda Azar, LME, MUA, founder and executive artist of Azar Beauty
Though it may be surprising, this is true. “How old do I look?” may be a question that many are uncomfortable confronting. A question many of us are not fond of asking others. However, several scientific studies have revealed that up to 90 percent of how young or old a person looks, respective of age, is directly linked to their amount of sun exposure. Excessive…
To immediately clear up any confusion, yes, it is a fact that alcohol wreaks havoc on the skin. Many people enjoy going out and having a few drinks every once in a while. However, they may not appreciate waking up the next morning and seeing the effects of alcohol on their skin.

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