Psoriasis is a chronic, noncontagious, autoimmune condition where the immune system’s white blood cells (T-cells) attack the skin cells by mistake. There are several varieties of psoriasis. Plaque, the most common form, is recognized by its symptoms – dead cell build-up on reddened, inflamed skin. Other types include guttate, pustular, inverse, erythrodermic, and psoriatic arthritis. Clinical researchers believe that there are three fundamental theories that…
Realization that collagen is essential to healthy skin is commendable and should be noted before explaining the physics of the skin and the function of particular ingredients to bust this myth. It is important to stimulate new collagen production as peak levels occur at age 18, then slowly begin to diminish. By age 30, an individual can lose up to 1.5 percent of their collagen…
Cosmetic products are being created on a daily basis. Some are only sold through aestheticians and doctor’s offices, while others are readily available via television shopping channels, infomercials, online retailers, or department stores and drugstores. Consumers often end up feeling confused about who to trust, where to shop, and whether to spend their hard-earned money at the spa or the drugstore. Where is the best…

Fact or Fiction: A tan is needed to show adequate absorption of vitamin D.

Written by Celeste Hilling, CEO, co-founder, and product formulator for Skin Authority
Fiction! Having a tan does not mean you are vitamin D sufficient. In fact, because pigment slows down the absorption of UVB, your natural tan is your body’s way of slowing the production of D.
How many people have heard about face yoga or facial exercises, but are unsure if these methods really work for tightening sagging skin? There are a number of YouTube tutorials, books, and miscellaneous information on the subject available online, which may confuse the general public.

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