Fact or Fiction: Regularly wearing makeup ages skin faster.

Written by Suzanne Whigham, L.E., owner of Fountain of You Aesthetics
Makeup is fun, albeit transforming! There is no question that a perfectly concocted palette of skillfully chosen shades can mimic a full night’s sleep when one has not seen one in a while, or lend a daring, new, wear-and-wash identity. At the risk of imploring a host of deafening sighs, the fact remains, wearing makeup regularly can cause a host of skin problems that cumulatively…

Fact or Fiction: Botox prevents wrinkles.

Written by Erin Lucie, DNP, FNP-C, owner of Luminate Clinic
When people think of wrinkles, often, the next thing they think of is Botox. This is because of incredible branding by the makers of Botox. But, for clients who are just starting to notice fine lines, is Botox really the best treatment for the prevention of wrinkles? And, how would Botox prevent wrinkles if it could? Skin professionals need to not fall into the marketing…

Fact or Fiction: Oily skin takes longer to age than dry skin.

Written by Rachael Pontillo, M.Msc, FDN-P, CIHC, L.E., CEO of Holistically Haute Inc, president of the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance
Most teenagers and adults who struggle with excessively oily skin may consider it more of a curse than a blessing. However, that feeling may subside when, at some point, they will likely hear something like, “it might bother you now, but you’ll be grateful for it in 20 years because oily skin ages slower than dry skin.” Is this an old wives’ tale or is…

Fact or Fiction: Eyelashes fall out if mascara is not removed.

Written by Rachelle Dupree, marketing, communications, and design for Vivoderm Natural Skincare
Fact! According to multiple aestheticians and eyelash experts, improper cleansing, waterproof mascara, curling, and excessive rubbing are just a few of the culprits to cause damage or loss to delicate eyelashes. Leaving mascara and eyeshadow on too long or not removing makeup at night can actually clog the hair follicle and prevent hair from breathing, resulting in eyelash loss. Snoozing in full eye makeup puts…

“All natural” means better quality.

Written by Amra Lear, licensed massage therapist and aesthetician
"Natural” is a word so profound, it has become one of the most significant tools for marketing in recent years. “All natural” is one of the highest selling points for consumers and it has pushed manufacturers to create products to be made from natural ingredients. Formulating a product with natural ingredients is not hard to do and, in most cases, is the cheapest way to…

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