Navigating our new website

Written by Amanda Strunk Miller Associate Publisher
Through the launch of our new website, DERMASCOPE brings you even greater access to the top resources available in the industry. Our team has spent countless hours crafting a website that reflects the needs of our readers. With a new emphasis on community, this new website provides limitless networking opportunities with other professionals, distributors, and educators. Starting with just the homepage, you will find an…

Online Exclusives

Written by Amanda Strunk-Miller
I’m sure by now it is apparent that we have updated quite a few department designs in the magazine for 2018. While many of the pages feature new content elements, several departments just got a mini face lift! It’s a fresh look to start the year off right.
DERMASCOPE is introducing many new features in 2018 – a new website, new departments, new designs, new article themes… But I must admit that there is one fresh feature for 2018 that I have hardly been able to keep quiet about: our new editorial advisory board! We have had several advisory boards in the past, but, this time around, I have re-written the script and…

New Year, New You

Written by Amanda Strunk Miller Associate Publisher
The month of December makes me both nostalgic and optimistic. Both, I think, are common and reasonable feelings to experience during this time of year. Time with family, big parties, and extended periods off from work all offer time to reminisce and look back on fond memories. The month of December can also provide time to reflect over the past year and conjure up other…

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Marketing!

Written by Amanda Strunk Miller Associate Publisher
Wait, it’s already the end of the year? I always look forward to the colder weather and the holiday season, but it continually seems to sneak up on me. Every year, it’s almost like Christmastime appears out of nowhere – especially now with two little boys of my own.

March 2024

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