Tuesday, 28 November 2017 10:53

New Year, New You

Written by   Amanda Strunk Miller Associate Publisher

The month of December makes me both nostalgic and optimistic.

Both, I think, are common and reasonable feelings to experience during this time of year. Time with family, big parties, and extended periods off from work all offer time to reminisce and look back on fond memories. The month of December can also provide time to reflect over the past year and conjure up other emotions – passion, fear, optimism, resentment, happiness…

Optimism is the boat I most often land in during the last few weeks of the year. It’s easy for me to look forward to the coming year, especially working with the magazine. I am already half way through planning and organizing our 2018 issues, which gives me insight and confidence with our new goals and objectives.

Where do you land in this season? Are there any goals or plans that you have already set in motion for 2018? Any events you have on your calendar to further your education? What about makeovers or upgrades to strategize for your spa?

It’s a new year – make it a new you too! Start fresh with your ideas; I try to sit down and take some time to come up with new goals. Then, I always develop a plan for them. It helps me to hash everything out and try to predict any potential challenges that might come along the way. The next step is to put the goals to a calendar. When I have things on my to-do list, but no date set next to it, it always seems to fall to the bottom. When I put a deadline next to my goal, I can keep myself in check. Maybe it’s just the publisher in me, but it works!

Whatever your goals are in 2018, please reach out and let us know how we can help! With over 40 years of education available on DERMASCOPE.com, as well as relationships with dozens of Legends and hundreds of ambassadors, I am confident we can help you pursue your new plan.

Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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