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The Healing Power of the Sea: Noninvasive Techniques with Oceanic Ingredients

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The ocean is an abundant source of truly organic, hydrating, nourishing, and healing ingredients which are beneficial for practically every complexion. Those with aging and dry complexions with discolorations and adult acne require a healing and anti-inflammatory approach that is also hydrating and nourishing. These complexions cannot utilize drying ingredients like salicylic acid, traditionally associated with oily and acne-prone teenage skin. Instead, marine ingredients are proven to be an effective hydrating, nourishing, and anti-inflammatory alternative. 

Oceanic sponges and fermented kelp help balance skin’s microbiome when applied topically. Powdered pearls are proven to have soothing, calming, and healing effects on inflamed skin as well as nourish it with a variety of proteins. Skin care professionals are sometimes hesitant to incorporate these ingredients into acne protocols because of their concern about iodine content and its possible stimulation of thyroid function. Though extracts of marine ingredients contain trace amounts of iodine, more and more studies have proven these ingredients can be used to disinfect, increase skin regeneration, promote healing, and deliver anti-inflammatory benefits without any negative effects on acne. 

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Elina Fedotova is the Founder and Chief Formulator for Elina Organics. Since 1998, Elina has created organic, seasonal, and liposome-encapsulated formulations that naturally deliver clinical results. Elina is also an award-winning cosmetic chemist, master and celebrity licensed aesthetician, and president of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners (AHSCP) which she founded in 2007. Elina handmakes her professional skin care line using small-batch production in her Michigan-based laboratory. Elina Organics’ entire product line is available online, in skin care spas, and in medical offices. Elina continues to personally offer her unique, holistic skin care treatments to clients who come to her Florida and West Michigan spas. 


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