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Fanny Facials

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You shake it on the dance floor; you sit on it all day. If you pick up something too heavy it stain and cause major pain. The gluteus maximus is the most used part of the body and yet it is so neglected. The buttocks are formed by the masses of the gluteal muscles, or “glutes”, superimposed by a layer of fat. There is a treatment that can offer relaxation, hydration, lifting, and yes, even treat acne that is not on face. Clients are raving how their backside feels softer and firmer after receiving the Fanny Facial, which is an excellent opportunity to offer a treatment that will address every nook and cranny or your client’s concerns.

For some, this may be treatment they are uncomfortable offering. For others it is no different than a bikini or Brazilian wax. If you take the approach that you are working on the epidermis and helping your client diminish unsightly acne or as a toning treatment, odds are you too will want to offer this in demand treatment.

Before going ant further, I would like to point out there is a difference between a Fanny Facial and a cellulite treatments. The Fanny Facial will help with toning, but if the client is worried about unsightly cellulite that was worked down into the thigh area, remind that client it is different service with other home care options
You may have a client who needs toning, or a client who is dealing with an acne breakout, or you may have to do a combination approach which would add time to your service If this is the case a 90 min service may be the best option. Therefore, as with any treatment, you will need to begin with a good analysis to determine your course of action.


How to Keep the Rear Clear
According to Dr. Mark Lees, the follicle structure on the skin of the back and buttocks is different from the face. The ostia are somewhat concave, making extraction more difficult. Make sure that the client understands that squeezing is not an option; this will only lead to them spreading bacteria and causing more pimples. Continuous washing of the area can also lead to further irritation. If treating with high frequency, the setting needs to be higher than what would be used on the face. For an even more germicidal effect, soak gauze in hydrogen peroxide, wrap the electrode, and apply to the skin. This will increase the efficacy of the high frequency.
Dr. Lees also states that the acne lesions on the buttocks are caused from friction from pants or jeans that are too tight and causing ingrown hairs. He also recommends a 10 percent sulfur mask, used as an overnight spot treatment, which is very helpful for individual lesions on the back and rear end. Ask your client if they have any allergies to sulfur. A Benzyl peroxide wash is also very helpful for a home care recommendation.
Since this can be an embarrassing topic for clients to talk about, be professional and offer recommendations from the treatment to home care and other options. Discuss the soap, laundry detergent, and other beauty products they use, such as, their OTC moisturizer and let them know that these items may lead to skin inflammation. Ask about the fabric of their undergarments. Artificial fibers like polyester or nylon can cause friction against the skin giving way to pimples. Indulging in wearing more absorbent materials and natural fibers may be better suited to reducing acne.

Treatment Protocol
For those rooms that only have basic equipment such as a steamer and/or galvanic, this is a simple protocol to a Beautiful Bottom that targets more hydration and toning. Of course if you have other equipment available to reduce acne, include it in the treatment to create an even more effective service.

1. Analyze the back end (this would be a good time to
discuss waxing)
2. Cleanse area
3. Exfoliate
4. Steam
5. Extractions (if needed)
6. High Frequency for acne
7. Massage (upward movements)
8. Work with available equipment
9. Mask
10. Tone
11. Moisturize (I would make sure it is a light moisturizer, or
pat the pad with tissue to absorb extra moisturizer)
12. Spray-on tan
If after your analysis you are uncertain about the client's condition or you have questions, send them to a dermatologist. Once both of you know then you can create an action plan that will succeed. Never treat open lesions and always wear gloves.

Masks to choose from:
Honey Dead Sea Mud
Seaweed Multani Mitti Clay
Kaolin Clay AHA

Target that Pain in the 2nd Chakra
While aestheticians are not massage therapist, there is a certain amount of relaxation that will accompany this treatment and the client will benefit. Understanding the flow of energy in the body and how to balance Chakras can be a wonderful opportunity to assist your client and ease tension. The 2nd Chakra is referred to as the belly or sacral. It is located two inches below the navel and is rooted into the spine. It is the center that holds the basic needs for sexuality, creativity, intuition, and self-worth. This Chakra also relates to supporting yourself financially or financial difficulties; if you have insecurities about your ability to support yourself, this can lead to lower back problems. The Fanny Facial is more than just a polishing of the buff; view it as a way to bring about enormous relaxation to your client.
By understanding this area of your client's body, a wise therapist will recommend various ways for the client to target relaxation techniques, such as, yoga, increase water consumption, and/or enjoy monthly spa rituals. Items to retail to assist in relaxation:
1. Eye cover mask
2. Herbal teas
3. Music and guided imagery tapes
4. Comfortable sleepwear
5. Luxurious linens
6. Self-help books
7. Mattresses and pillows
8. Bath salts
9. Aromatherapy
10. Sound machines

Jacqueline Smith is a licensed aesthetician and expert in toning the tush at Diva's Day Spa in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. This is one of her most requested services by college students to women in their 40s! She recommends microdermabrasion for the derriere. The often neglected derriere is cleansed, toned, exfoliated with mandelic acid, de-blemished, and polished with shea butter. This Diva Derriere treatment finishes with paraffin wax that is applied to seal in moisture. How divine!
Many therapists get a little tongue-tied when trying to come up with a name for this treatment. Do you go for something trendy, cute, or professional? Here are a few suggestions:
Back and Bum Treatment
Perfectly Polished Derriere
Bootylicious Bottom Facial
Reduce the Junk in the Trunk Treatment
Sweet Cheeks
Bottoms Up!
Butt Buffing
Booty Buff (if you add a wax
it could be Booty Buff & Rip!)

Tan that Hide
Many spas are offering this treatment along with a spray-on tan. This is the finishing touch for the backside to really shine. Client's skin feels smooth, toned, and tan. Prices for this treatment range from $90 on up. If you don't offer this treatment at least go and have it just to say you have had your backside buffed and polished! Who knows, it may even spur you to want to offer it!

Denise R. Fuller is a Licensed Aesthetician and Beauty Therapist Consultant, Educator, and Author for the aesthetic industry. Fuller is also the CEO of International Spa Importing Specialists. For more information, please contact her at 888-566-4747.


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