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Aleks Vranicic is a product development principal, master trainer, and vice president of sales and technical training at Vitelle Labs. Originally from Croatia, he is a third-generation, licensed aesthetician who holds a B.A. in business from PLNU in San Diego, California. Vranicic started his skin care career over 16 years ago working with his mother at her spa in Los Altos, California. It was there he witnessed, firsthand, the revenue opportunities attainable through private branding of skin care. Seeing the profound impact the increase in profit had on his mother’s life, it became his mission to help others become more profitable by creating their own skin care line. He has helped hundreds of clients who, like his mother, have their own vision for their company. Vranicic has traveled the world sharing his experience and knowledge, mentoring and training skin care professionals. He is a popular speaker at skin care symposiums and industry trade events and a regular contributor to industry publications.


Louis Silberman, CEO of National Laser Institute, pioneered the cosmetic laser training industry. He launched out of his garage in 1998, which became the sixth most visited pharmacy website, with 500,000 visitors per month - beating out CVS and Walgreens. Silberman is a contributing writer for leading aesthetic trade journals and has authored the book "Make it Happen Online." Silberman has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Fortune Small Business.


David Suzuki, president of Bio-Therapeutic, has been an active and licensed member of the medical aesthetic industry for over 30 years. He is a leading authority and expert on medical and aesthetic device manufacturing and regulatory issues, including FDA, CE, and ISO 13485. He serves as an advisor to many skin care manufacturers, publications, state boards, and institutions. His vast knowledge and expertise of engineering, printed circuit board design, injection molds, inventory, and quality controls, along with a keen sense of market trends, forecasting, and successful domestic and international relationships, enable Bio-Therapeutic the ability to bring new technology, products, and concepts to the market quickly and efficaciously.


Bella Schneider leads more than 150 aesthetic professionals in her Silicon Valley spas. She travels globally to bring the best in aesthetic science to her formulas and protocols. She is a successful retailer and respected educator that helps aestheticians enhance their practices by offering top-of-the-line protocols, retail products, and advanced training. She is a laureate of the esteemed LNE lifetime achievement Crystal Award for her contributions to beauty science. Because she trains her staff and clients, she is able to export her multi-faceted experience to professionals across the spa industry.


Lyn Ross, L.M.E., is the founder and CEO of the Institut’ DERMed family of companies. Working closely with Atlanta, Georgia’s top cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Ross built her clinical skin care practice into one of the first medical spas in the country, making her a true pioneer in the industry. Today, the spa’s client list includes the who’s who of Atlanta celebrities. Ross’ passion for results became the fuel that inspired her to develop her own skin and body care product line and launch the Institut’ DERMed College of Advanced Aesthetics in 1995. The line targets five skin conditions with products that are interchangeable to successfully treat even the most problematic skin conditions. Ross launched her wholesale, distribution, consulting, and licensing companies. Soon after, many of the skin care professionals she trained wanted to know how to become a part of the Institut’ DERMed family and offer the company’s unique skin health care concepts in their area.


Michael Q. Pugliese, B.S., L.E., is an informed educator, writer, and asset to the skin care industry. He became the third-generation CEO of Circadia by Dr. Pugliese in 2006. His dedication and leadership to the brand has grown to achieve international recognition and distribution worldwide. This global expansion has created a skin care regime for every skin type in the world. Pugliese’s compelling lectures honor the tenets of modern skin science discovered originally by his grandfather. By following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Pugliese has been driven to deliver a clear message on skin health to all of his clients. Circadia is formulated to work in harmony with the body’s natural Circadian rhythms, which protect from environmental damage during the day, while focusing on skin repair during evening rest.


Austin Podowski is an elite marketing specialist, serving as an A-to-Z business development executive since his youth, with several successful launches in his portfolio, spanning from digital marketing and advertising to dental, cosmetic, and surgical device companies. With nearly two decades of work-life experience under various mentors, Podowski acts as a bridge between enterprise and the changing ideals of coming generations, as well as a zip line of efficacious technology to the commercial industry. Podowski’s most recent ventures have provided him the opportunity to gain an objective view of the aesthetic marketplace and granted him to see open market segmentations within the space.


Manon Pilon has conducted seminars internationally, educating medical specialists, aestheticians, dermatologists, nurses, plastic surgeons, and professionals spanning several other medical fields. She is an author, spa consultant, internationally recognized educator, researcher, and medical aesthetician. She has written “Anti-Aging: The Cure Based on your Body Type” and hosted a popular radio show. Specializing in marketing and management, Pilon has acquired several awards for achievements in the spa and medical spa field. In fact, she was the recipient of the “Business Woman of the Year” award – by the RAFQ- Réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec (The Network of Business Women in Quebec) – twice. She was also a Who’s Who in New York nominee.


Wallace Vigo Nelson, N.D. is a holistic health expert and the foremost authority in the field of beauty nutrition. A second-generation naturopathic doctor, Nelson has followed in the footsteps of his mother as leader of the movement to change the world with holistic nutrition and skin care. Recognized with dozens of accolades from the wellness and beauty field for his work as an author, product formulator, and top business leader under 40, Nelson is truly a dynamic force in the industry today.


Janel Luu has enjoyed over 35 years of experience int he global cosmetics industry as an international educator, outward-looking researcher, and master skin care formulator. Her extensive background and expertise in anti-aging cellular technology and global beauty have created a solid foundation for her leading-edge skin care brands, including Le Mieux Cosmetics, Le Mieux Clinical, PurErb, and MD-GEN. Dynamic and relevant, Luu has educated and inspired over 37,000 skin care professionals and physicians, sharing her passion for skin-remodeling treatments and fascia-sculpting techniques that redefine the best skin care imaginable. 


Pat Lam is a board-certified, anti-aging health practitioner, CIDESCO International Examiner, CIDESCO Gold Medal winner and diplomat, and co-founder and past president of CIDESCO Canada. She is also the co-founder and CEO of Lamskin™, a dedicated educator, an international speaker, and a prolific author of numerous industry articles, educational textbooks, and instructional videos. Lamskin, the company that Pat Lam co-founded with her late visionary husband, Hubert Lam, is a respected, pioneering, industry leader serving the aesthetics industry for over 40 years. Today, Lamskin is known for its highly advanced skin care technologies for the rapid and effective recognition and treatment of minor skin irregularities supported by specialized training and support.


Rikki Kusy is an ASU College of Education and Barrett Honor’s College graduate with over 25 years of experience in training and education. She holds aesthetics licenses in Arizona and California. She founded Arizona Aesthetics Association in 2006 in order to provide monthly networking and continuing education events to aesthetics professionals and students in Arizona. She has gained experience working with several prominent plastic surgeons and was owner of a medical spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is a PSIA-certified ski instructor and registered yoga teacher. Her training programs are one of a kind and are truly comprehensive in their multi-faceted approach to student success. All learning is experiential, as well as didactic, and provides for a real world, hands-on approach that is easily implemented post-training.


Becky Kuehn, the leading educator for oncology training in the United States had cancer when she was 18-years-old. It shaped the course of her life and defined her life’s mission. She realized, then, (and even now) there was a huge gap in aesthetic care for those going through cancer. Oncology-trained spa professionals can profoundly improve the quality of life for someone going through cancer treatments. Her goal, passion, and dream is to have an oncology-trained spa professional in every cancer center in the United States. She and her team of 12 Aesthetic-Angel trainers travel several times every month to train and add more helping hands somewhere in the United States. Together, they facilitate about 40 to 60 trainings a year.


Attila Koronczay grew up in Budapest, Hungary until he and his brother moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1996 to pursue their dreams and bring natural, organic, and Biodynamic® skin care to North America. With a degree in engineering, Koronczay plays a key role in the vision of Eminence’s ongoing commitment to the environment, by ensuring all office and warehouses are dedicated to green practices, while also remaining directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the business, traveling to tradeshows, and participating in charitable events. He has since led Eminence to become the first professional skin care company in the world to become a Certified B Corporation®.


Lina Kennedy is the president and CEO of Alexandria Professional, a worldwide leader in body sugaring epilation. Kennedy is the pioneer of professional body sugaring and a master trainer of practitioners and distributors in more than 25 countries. As a beauty industry innovator, Kennedy has developed a full line of all-natural skin care products and treatments that are safe and effective for all hair and skin types. She is a motivational speaker, the author of numerous articles in beauty trade magazines, and is a multi-patent holder. With a passion for excellence and a gift to inspire others, Kennedy has become a leader in the beauty industry with Alexandria Professional.


Patrick Johnson is the CEO of BioPhotas and the inventor of the award-winning Celluma Series of light therapy devices. He is a seasoned executive with profit and loss leadership in turnarounds, startups, emerging companies, as well as companies challenged with mature product lifecycles. With a history of repeatedly growing sales and gross margins at double-digit growth rates, he has provided leadership in strategic planning, sales, marketing, corporate branding, product positioning, and operations. Johnson is a senior executive with 25 years of experience leading manufacturing companies in diverse industries including medical, dental, aerospace, and motorsports.


Christine Heathman is an aesthetic pioneer and was nominated as a Legend in American aesthetics. Her name is synonymous with age management. Heathman is a powerful speaker, world-wide lecturer, educator, author of several skin manuals, and has written hundreds of skin science editorials. She was selected to be on the editorial board of a leading skin journal, as well as the Utah licensing board. She is a pioneer in the research and development of the most innovative and progressive skin care products and protocols used in the most prestigious skin care and medical clinics all over the world.


Sara Fulton, president and co-founder of Vivant Skin Care, is among the most influential figures in the skin care industry. She was one of the first women to own and operate an FDA-approved manufacturing facility. She co-founded and managed some of the first acne clinics in the country. As a researcher and formulator, she worked alongside her husband, Dr. James Fulton, to develop a line of transformative skin care products and, in 1990, launched Vivant Skin Care with a mission to provide life-changing solutions for problem skin. It has since become a premier brand for dermatologists, aestheticians, and medical spas worldwide. 


“If you can take a patient with grade 4 acne and clear them without antibiotics or Accutane, that’s a success.”




Formulations and family.


I see claims made that aren’t real. It’s bad for consumers and bad for the industry because it undermines trust.


In 1975, Dr. Fulton and I Ieft the clinic we’d established at the University of Miami to open our own acne clinic. Within a few years, we had 12.


I am all about science because that’s where the results are.


My late husband, Dr. Fulton, of course.


Vitamin A Propionate – it does it all.



After more than 40 years in the industry, I still love what I do. And here’s something few people know about me: I once made gumbo with chef Paul Prudhomme.



  • Bachelor’s degree in pre-medical studies from Drexel University
  • Formulator, researcher, and educator
  • Board member at St. Thomas University
  • Grandmother and world traveler




Miami Lakes, Florida






We believe a deep understanding of skin modalities and treatments is essential for success. We’ve recently launched Vivant University – an online advanced aesthetics certification program – and will continue to look for ways to support aestheticians in achieving the best results for their clients.



Vitamin A Therapies


Vivant Skin Care

Vivant’s patented Vitamin A Propionate is molecularly-advantaged for quick absorption without irritation to reach the critical dermal layers where cellular renewal begins. It is the superstar of Vivant’s corrective serum formulations including DERMASCOPE’s 2018 Aestheticians’ Choice award-winner, Derm-A-Gel.





“You can’t talk about skin care pioneers without talking about Vivant. From therapeutic modalities to innovative ingredients and formulations to aesthetic practices, Vivant has led the way. When we started, our goal was to create the best skin care in the world. And that hasn’t changed.” Sara Fulton, President and Co-Founder of Vivant Skin Care


Elina Fedotova is the founder and formulator of Elina Organics. An award-winning aesthetician and cosmetic chemist, she combines the intelligence of nature with modern science to help her clients achieve beautiful skin with Elina Organics’ skin care products and protocols. Her spa on the Magnificent Mile is recognized by CHICAGO magazine as offering the Windy City’s “Best Facial.” An educator, she heads up the Association of Holistic Skin Care practitioners and regularly shares DIY skin care tips on Elina Skin Cuisine TV segments. Elina frequently contributes to professional skin care magazines.


Michelle D’Allaird-Brenner is a licensed aesthetician, cosmetologist, CIDESCO diplomat, and the owner of the Aesthetic Science Institute. She has over 30 years of experience in the skin care and beauty industry including teaching, curriculum development, speaking, test development, and writing. D’Allaird-Brenner is also the chair person for the Appearance Enhancement Advisory Board in New York state and president of Aesthetics International Association. Her experience, expertise, and motivation has positioned her as a world-renowned skin care expert and consultant, providing education and training in over 30 countries around the world.


Patricia Boland has nearly two decades of experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry. She is currently exhibiting that expertise within the Colorescience team as the vice president of research and development. Her vast experience in product development focuses primarily on the relationship between scientifically-proven ingredients and the aesthetic elegance of the final formulation. Prior to joining the Colorescience team, Boland spent much of her career at Laura Mercier Cosmetics, most recently serving as chief beauty director, where she worked closely with Mercier to develop iconic products that helped accelerate the brand growth and lead to its first acquisition.


Karen Asquith is the national director of education for G.M. Collin Skin Care, developing innovative skin care training programs to elevate the aesthetician’s professional expertise. For the past two decades, Asquith has consistently been featured as a guest lecturer at skin care industry forums, presenting cutting-edge skin care protocols and career development workshops throughout North America. She has been the lead aesthetician every year since 2005 at the pre-Oscar suite, performing selected G.M. Collin skin care treatments on the celebrities. She frequently contributes editorials in professional skin care publications and consumer magazines and makes guest appearances on Web M.D. and the Life and Leisure Network.


Kathleen Angiolet began working in cosmetics behind a counter in 1986. A positive can-do attitude helped her to move up through the ranks and rise to an executive position for a world-renowned luxury brand. In spite of her success, she dreamed of owning her own skin care business. After extensive research, she discovered a natural skin care created specifically for aestheticians – PHYT’S Naturo-Esthetique. In August 2000, she traveled to France to meet with Jean-Paul Llopart and Rosanne Verlé, the creators of the brand and true pioneers in the natural cosmetic industry. Inspired by their revolutionary approach – that beauty, health, and ecology were inseparable – Angiolet knew that she had found an exceptional brand. It was then that she began distributing PHYT’S products and its philosophy to the United States.

The Queen of Peels

Rhonda Allison is the founder of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals and RED Method. She is highly respected worldwide for her innovative work with acids and chemical peels and is known in the professional aesthetics world as a pioneering formulator, educator, speaker, and author. Having worked behind the aesthetic chair for more than 35 years, she researched and observed firsthand what produced real results in the skin and formulated a professional product line using only pure, fresh ingredients that combined science and nature. Nicknamed the “aesthetician’s aesthetician,” Allison has spent decades empowering other professionals to advance their careers and achieve success.



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Shunly Skincare's HA + Firming Moisturizer is a  concentrated cream with FUSION FORMULA® featuring hyaluronic acid and squalene.  It features highly effective, biogenic ingredients to soothe, nurture, and  restore the skin's moisture. Shunly Skincare's HA + Firming Moisturizer is a  concentrated cream with FUSION FORMULA® featuring hyaluronic acid and squalene.  It features highly effective, biogenic ingredients to soothe, nurture, and  restore the skin's moisture. 
214-213-9648 or

Image Skincare's Ageless  Hyaluronic Filler pure serum plumps and fills lines with concentrated,  botanical-derived hyaluronic acid infused with an apricot essential oil,  vitamin B5, and potent, antioxidant vitamin E. Image Skincare's Ageless  Hyaluronic Filler pure serum plumps and fills lines with concentrated,  botanical-derived hyaluronic acid infused with an apricot essential oil,  vitamin B5, and potent, antioxidant vitamin E.
954-673-3983 or

ilike organic skin care’s new Tomato Face & Body Moisturizer for Exposed Skin is loaded with the powerful antioxidant Lycopene, to protect skin from harmful UV rays, and a blend of nourishing botanicals including aloe, shea butter, calendula and lavender oils, and vegetable oil to moisturize and soothe skin pre- and post-sun exposure.
888-290-6238 or

SPF 30+ Day Moisturizer with MHCsc™ Technology by KERACELL® is a lightweight, daily sunscreen that nourishes and protects skin from the harmful effects of UVA rays, UVB rays, and other harmful effects of the environment. Ideal for wear under makeup, this product is broad spectrum, water resistant, and anti-pollution.
714-477-6933 or

Abrioné® Anti-Aging Moisturizer is refreshingly lightweight, non-greasy, and richly bio-organic. This concentrated, anti-aging formula keeps skin youthfully supple and hydrated all day long. It infuses hyaluronic acid which, when naturally produced in the body, helps skin to retain collagen, moisture, elasticity, and flexibility.
480-814-8300 or

Changes in the look and feel of skin are common problems with menopausal women. Moisturizers and antioxidants may have favorable impacts on the skin but may not be enough. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts’ Youthful You is formulated with progesterone USP to target hormonally-dry and crepey-looking skin by helping to improve moisture retention and soften delicate skin.
800-689-0499 or

More than an ordinary broad-spectrum sunscreen, Bioelements’ advanced SPF 50 FaceScreen decreases the risk of early skin aging as it improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and the feel of firmness.
800-433-6650 or

The Epionce line of Renewal Facial products are formulated with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration and are clinically proven to reduce visible signs of aging, as well as prescription retinoids.
866-374-6623 or

Circadia’s Light Day Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 37 provides optimal ultraviolet and environmental protection. This light lotion is packed with antioxidants, humectants, and soothing ingredients to moisturize and prevent irritation.
800-630-4710 or

The Celluma HOME LED is the newest addition to the award-winning Celluma series of light therapy devices. The new Celluma HOME is a two-mode device designed to treat wrinkles and pain. With the same professional strength and efficacy as the Celluma ELITE, PRO, and LITE, the Celluma HOME is ideal for both clinical and home use. The competitively-priced Celluma HOME has a large treatment area measuring 14 inches by 6 inches and is perfect for addressing anti-aging and pain issues.
714-978-0080 or

This collection includes Thera Genesis’ Revitaderm Complex, Brightening Complex, Luminosity, and Brightening Booster. The collection boasts perfectly paired, organic botanicals with scientific ingredients such as stem cells, growth factors, and peptides to provide a well-balanced collection that supports the physiological changes that accompany aging. This collection is designed to meet the needs of all women – from prejuvenation in their 30s to rejuvenation in their 50s and 60s. These target specific formulations, compliment and enhance all medical spa treatments, and offer highly active formulations for ongoing daily use.
800-461-3745 or

No Sun – 100% Mineral Care SPF 50by Institut Esthederm was developed especially for sun-intolerant skin with cutaneous reactions, including skin allergic to cheminal filters or skin with sun eviction (scars, medication, or post-aesthetic procedures). No Sun allows all skin types to enjoy the sun in total safety.
514-270-3763 or 

Protect and moisturize skin with GlyMed Plus’Photo-Age Environmental Protection Gel SPF 15 This ultra-light, water-based UVA and UVB broad spectrum lotion is available in both SPF 15 and SPF 30. It integrates the power of professional-grade ingredients to immediately deliver antioxidants providing anti-aging benefits to protect skin from free radical damage. Apply to the face and décolleté and any other areas exposed to UV Rays. Reapply every two hours as needed for maximum protection.
800-676-9667 or 

BiON Research Skincare Products’Tinted Mineral SPF 35 Suncream with Antioxidants protects, moisturizes, and provides a sheer coverage to maintain skin’s youth and beauty. It includes titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for excellent physical protection against UVA and UVB rays. It also provides antioxidants and can be used as a daily moisturizer by all skin types. Acneic skin and sensitive skin respond well to this product and it is excellent for the finishing touch at the end of a facial. The minerals used for coloring contain additional titanium dioxide with a blend of four FDA-approved mineral pigments to provide superior purity of color and saturation. The creamy consistency goes on smoothly and is non-irritating to the eyes. Summer moisture, color, and protection are achieved in one quick step! This cream is available in three shades: light, medium, and dark. 
402-438-5929 or 

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From surgery to noninvasive procedures like CoolSculpting, there are tons of procedures aiming to deliver dramatic body sculpting results. Dr. Ray Kahn discussed his partnership with Patch MD and how their technology is impacting this space.

After 25 years in the anti-aging, skin care and beauty industries interviewing doctors and scientists about new innovative products, I truly believed I had seen it all! As I got older and became a wife and mother, my interest in anti-aging products grew more personal. I looked for products that would restore or slow down my own aging process. In 2009, I discovered the secret to naturally beautiful eyelashes, an eyelash-enhancing conditioner I called GrandeLASH-MD. I finally found a powerful product that offered me such outstanding results it inspired me to create Grande Cosmetics, my own results-driven line of innovative cosmetics, serums, and conditioners. Armed with the secret to restoring and maintaining my natural eyelashes, hair, lips, and eyebrows, I wanted to share it with as many women as possible!

Sentient Lasers, one of the leading pre-owned aesthetic laser companies that buys, sells, warranties, and provides service contracts for aesthetic lasers and devices, announced its partnership with the longest running seller of pre-owned lasers, MedPro. The company adopted Sentient Lasers’ Blue Dot Certification in March 2017 to ensure quality, longevity, safety, and complete transparency for aesthetic lasers and provide customers with equipment that they can trust.

Repêchage CEO and founder, Lydia Sarfati, served as an honorary speaker at the first anniversary of American Dreams Beauty Center, a full service wellness center located in the heart of Zakopane, Poland – a popular tourist destination.
Since opening in October of 2016, Repêchage Professional Skin Care has helped contribute to the success of American Dreams.
“Repechage was the first brand we introduced,” said American Dreams Beauty Center owner Patrycja Furczon.

Kate Sornson, former social media manager for Global Wellness Summit (GWS) and Global Wellness Institute (GWI), has been promoted to associate manager of marketing and communications. Prior to this appointment, Sornson worked for the Green Spa Network, a community of people focused on transforming the spa industry to be more efficient, sustainable, and earth-friendly, as community manager and membership coordinator.

On Dec. 5, Conair Corporation announced the passing of Leandro P. Rizzuto, co-founder and chairman of the board. After battling a long fight with pancreatic cancer, Rizzuto passed on Dec. 3, surrounded by his family.
“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our leader,” said Ronald T. Diamond, President of Conair Corporation. “Rizzuto was a man who loved life and people and deeply loved our company. He was our leader, mentor, and teacher, encouraging those around him to always strive to do more than we thought we could do, and be greater than we thought we could be.”

After 20 years in the professional skin care business, BiON Skincare continues on the path established by Glen Lockhart in 1997.  In 2007, Larry and Barbara Lockhart became the new owners and have continued the vision with personal customer service and the development of effective products that contain natural ingredients, are science-based, and priced affordably.  A few of the keys to BiON’s continued success are that they only sell to aestheticians and physicians, and offer online and in-depth personal education.  In celebration of this landmark occasion BiON is introducing new packaging and several new products to continue the tradition into the future. 

Cutera, Inc., a leading provider of laser and energy-based aesthetic systems for practitioners worldwide, announced the appointment of Sandra Gardiner to the position of executive vice-president and chief financial officer. Gardiner has been serving in this role on a consulting basis since July 12, 2017. 

When asked if he had any mentors throughout his professional journey: “I’ve had several mentors in the industry. Obviously, my grandfather, Dr. Pugliese, has been a mentor for many people in the industry. Some of those people include Christine Heathman, Mark Lees, Rebecca Gadberry... A lot of those people have helped to mentor me, as well, and helped to develop my individual career. But, absolutely, I would have to say my grandfather, Dr. Pugliese, has been an incredible mentor for me in the industry.” Michael Pugliese 

“Skinade is a great professional treatment partner because we work well with all of your current professional treatments that your offering, whether it be surgical or non-surgical, ablative or non-ablative. Many of our surgeons include this in their pre- or post-packaging. That way, they’re prepping their clients. They are increasing that collagen before they are kind of wounding the skin. They have a better result.” Lainie Gunderson


“Here at Salon Lashe, we are really, really determined to educate our stylists so that they are confident and they stand by everything that they learn and believe in. And, when you have all that knowledge, then your techniques and your styles – it all just flows together.” Maricris Calica, stylist at The Lashe 

In 2016, men’s skin care and hair products brought in more than $19 billion globally. As men become more conscious and knowledgeable about their skin, skin care manufacturers and professionals are offering more products and treatments that are tailored to men.

When targeting wrinkles and the appearance of aging, peptide technology is a collagen-boosting solution. What are peptides? According to Vogue magazine, they are “the building blocks of protein” that encourage the formation of protein in skin, like collagen. When peptides do their job of activating the production of collagen, skin looks younger and stronger with visibly fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

PE logo


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The Products & Education Guide is an annual directory established for the professional skin care industry. The Guide reaches over 30,000 businesses that make decisions about the products to use and sell in their salons, spas, medical offices, and schools. The Products & Education Guide can also be found online at

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Products education

CIDESCO, a world-renowned name in beauty and spa therapy, is inviting its schools, members and the general public to join in the celebrations for CIDESCO’s International Beauty Day on September 9, 2017. The day, which was started by CIDESCO Section Russia, will celebrate inner and outer beauty around the world, and raise awareness about the importance of the beauty industry as a whole.

Bioelements Professional Skin Care is heartbroken to announce the passing of its founder and owner, industry leader Barbara Salomone, after an ongoing illness. Salomone passed away peacefully in her California home, with her husband Ross at her side.
"There are no words to express our sadness,” said Salomone’s brother and CEO of the company, Bob Schatz. “Barbara treated all employees like family – many of whom have been a part of Bioelements for decades, and we are truly heartbroken," said Salomone's brother and Bioelements CEO Bob Schatz. “She laid the groundwork for what this company is today, and helped build an ever-expanding team of experts that share her pioneering spirit, her passion for advanced education, and devotion to product and ingredient innovation above all else."

One of the industry’s outstanding innovators in the world of holistic skin therapies, Anne C. Willis, is proud to announce the launch of De La Terre Skincare’s state-of-the-art showroom and Training Center located in Asheville, North Carolina. The expansion for the company is a direct response to the exponential growth experienced in the health and wellness market, and is a testament to De La Terre Skincare’s commitment to health oriented skin care formulas and applications that support one’s overall well-being.


Helix BioMedix, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company specializing in peptides, recently announced the promotion of Robin L. Carmichael to the position of chief executive officer in addition to her current role as president. She will continue as a member of the company’s Board of Directors. Carmichael will be responsible for all aspects of management of Helix BioMedix including profits and losses, operations, sales, marketing, business development, pharmaceutical and consumer product programs, and research and development. She will report directly to the Board of Directors. Carmichael joined the company in 2007 as vice president of marketing and business development. She was promoted to chief operating officer in 2011, and later to president and chief operating officer in 2015.

Spa Nalai at Park Hyatt New York is home to the latest luxury treatment collection – CelleClé Skincare. The company is thrilled to announce that Spa Nalai at Park Hyatt New York has become the latest CelleClé Skincare spa partner! Nalai, meaning serenity, provides a uniquely tailored spa experience. Located inside Park Hyatt New York, Spa Nalai features the finest amenities for optimal wellness and relaxation. Take in the views of the city skyline from their separate men and women’s locker rooms. As crowds rush by on the streets of Midtown Manhattan below, clients can take a moment to unwind from everyday stresses in the indoor hydrotherapy area featuring a lap pool, whirlpool, and co-ed eucalyptus steam room before heading to a spa suite for a CelleClé Skincare facial experience.

The visionary individuals at ECHO2Plus are proud to present our newly updated website. With a fresh and clean new look, now features updated information, explanatory videos and a helpful FAQ section which can help both novice and seasoned aestheticians become more knowledgeable about using ECHO2Plus products. More knowledge equals increased profitability for spas! The Starter Pack page now features in depth descriptions and photographs of the products included in the ECHO2Plus opening order. The company is very proud of the astounding results photographs in the section highlighting the Oxyceuticals Oxygen Acne Treatment. Featuring the multiple awards that ECHO2Plus won in 2017, the links section also contains print articles and testimonials from ECHO2Plus users who are overjoyed with the results they achieved in their spas.

The Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners (AHSCP) holds its 10th Annual Holistic Skin Care Conference at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel on November 5-6, 2017. The AHSCP offers the latest research on natural ingredients, demonstrations of European and Eastern methods for individualized skin care protocols, holistic skin care certification, and continuing education for aestheticians. AHSCP believes that a natural approach to skin care is an effective long-term solution for healthy, beautiful skin. This includes the use of products with food grade quality ingredients and non-invasive methods for corrective, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory skin care treatments.

Better Business Bureau recognizes NovaLash with The Award of Distinction for three years running. In recognizing businesses for their achievements and commitment to quality in the workplace, NovaLash was recognized at the Better Business Bureau Award Ceremony. Recognized as a Winner of Distinction, this was the third time the Better Business Bureau awarded NovaLash for service excellence. When asked what it means to NovaLash to receive this recognition, Beth Fetzer, COO of NovaLash, states, “We work hard to provide top notch service to our customers and clients and it is an honor to be recognized for our efforts. We are thrilled to win this prestigious award for the third year in a row.”

The luxury care range Platinum Care by Janssen Cosmetics has won the SPA Diamond Award 2017 in the category Beauty Anti-Aging! Ulrich Janssen, the director of the family company from Aachen, which exports its professional cosmetic products to more than 85 countries worldwide, is clearly thrilled about the award. Jansenn says, “We have just travelled in from Vienna, where we celebrated our 20-year company anniversary with 150 clients from 58 countries. To win the SPA Diamond Award here in Berlin, in a competition with very strong brands, is simply unbelievable.”

Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, a leader in professional skin care and advanced aesthetics, recently named Larisa Bercu with Nekadam Skin Care the winner of their 2017 National Face-Off Competition. Second place was awarded to Jaclyn Herbert with Serenity Skin Studio and Alexandra Wallin was named third place winner. The 90-day challenge encouraged master aestheticians to showcase their talents and contributions to the field of aesthetics and celebrated the art of skin rejuvenation. Finalists were chosen based on client progress over a three-month period using Rhonda Allison treatment systems and homecare products. Winners were then selected based on the most significant skin changes, challenges overcome, and overall results. All three winners received cash prizes and Rhonda Allison products, with the Larisa Bercu taking home a $1,500 cash prize, $1,000 in Rhonda Allison products, and more than $1,000 in homecare products for her client.

SkinOwl is honored to announce their Matcha Beauty Bar is the runner-up in Prevention Magazine's 2017 Natural Beauty Awards! Founder of SkinOwl, Annie Tevelin said, “We are so thrilled to have our much loved Matcha Beauty Bar included in Prevention's Natural Beauty Awards! It makes me personally happy to know that other people are able to enjoy the skin glowing benefits the Matcha Beauty Bar has to offer!”

Spas depend on their vendors for a wide variety of products, services, and support functions. Managing these relationships is time consuming and businesses need to spend less time placing orders to have more time servicing clients. Many spa owners and spa directors find themselves working outside the spa to complete their weekly work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, 22 percent of employed persons did some or all of their work at home. Spa professionals perform a growing number of diverse tasks in today’s technology-driven economy and should select wholesale partners capable of anticipating these evolving needs. ExPürtise® is now offering an online wholesale ordering platform designed to streamline access to professional resources and simplify the ordering process.

Trendsetters give insight on the tools they recommend for beauty. 


BioPharmX Corporation, a Silicon Valley pharmaceutical company, released phase 2b clinical data showing its investigational drug BPX-01 2% reduces acne lesions by 59 percent with no drug-related adverse events – and suggesting it may also lessen lesions’ severity. BPX-01 2% topical minocycline gel was superior in reducing the number of lesions in patients with moderate-to-severe acne, compared to vehicle (59 versus 44 percent). Evaluations using a five-point investigator’s global assessment scale also showed more two-grade improvements, compared to vehicle (29.2 versus 17.6 percent). Researchers detected no minocycline in patients’ bloodstreams, except for a single outlier whose level was one tenth that of oral minocycline.

Trendsetters give insight on the tools they recommend 
for sensitive skin.


While deep, restorative relaxation is the norm at Zianna Wellness, the facility now offers guests an even higher level of rejuvenation with the introduction of life-enriching programs designed to bring body, mind, and spirit into balance with nature by delivering an experience of relaxed, renewed, and restorative wellness. Zianna's new treatments include hydrotherapy, acupuncture, endermologie, bioenergetic lymph therapy, and infrared sauna.

We recently asked skin care professionals on which of the following best described their spa. Here are the results according to the respondents:

Foeniculum vulgare, or fennel, is an herb that was originally cultivated in the Mediterranean and has a flavor that is similar to licorice. Like many herbs, fennel contains phosphorous, zinc, beta-carotene, and vitamin E, nutrients that have long been known to be beneficial for healthy skin.

American Academy of Dermatology reports that 50 percent of the United States population experience some form of sensitized skin.

Almost a quarter of facial skin care users are interested solely in products with natural, organic ingredients that are designed specifically for sensitive skin.

Masks offer a wide range of skin care benefits in one easy application. They are incredibly versatile, as there is a mask available for every skin type. For clients with busy schedules, there are even some that can be worn overnight or in the shower. Certain ingredients in masks, such as the ones detailed below, can be used to clarify, moisturize, cleanse, and brighten skin tone, among many other endless uses.

The Skin Cancer Foundation is launching Destination: Healthy Skin, a new program designed to save lives by educating the public about effective sun protection for skin cancer prevention as well as the importance of early detection. As part of the program, The Skin Cancer Foundation's 38-foot RV, customized with two private examination rooms, will travel around the country providing free full-body skin cancer screenings along with educational materials and sun protection giveaways. Local dermatologists who have donated their time will conduct the screenings on board the RV. The 2017 program began in June in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and ends on August 27 in Indianapolis, Indiana, making approximately 50 stops along the way. The Foundation's RV will spend two to three days in each community it visits.

Over 18 spa professionals traveled to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to compete in the Half Ironman Triathlon on June 4th, with the goal of raising $10,000 to open a new location for the Eminence Kids Foundation. The Foundation provides organic meals to sick children, to aid in their recovery, healing and long-lasting wellness. Led by Monica Helmstetter of SpaTec, the "#spaspushinglimits" team exceeded the fundraising goal. "I am honored and humbled by the commitment, time, and energy that these spa professionals gave to this great cause," said Boldijarre Koronczay, president of Eminence Organic Skin Care and the Eminence Kids Foundation.

Bioelements announced new distribution of its professional skin care products through Beauty Collection, a Southern California-based premier beauty destination for the world's best professional brands. This new partnership further expands Bioelements products and education for professionals. "We are thrilled about this new partnership," said Lou Ann Kuzniewski, Bioelements director of business development. "Beauty Collection has a long-standing reputation for unmatched service and products for skin care professionals. Working together, I know we will continue to meet and exceed high expectations for education, service, and results in the treatment room and beyond." Beauty Collection will feature Bioelements products on their website, and in five southern California retail stores that also perform Bioelements professional facial services. There are additional plans to expand distribution in 2017.