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For many of us, it was a complete surprise to learn upon graduation from aesthetics school that we were not adequately trained to compete in the rapidly-changing world of aesthetics. We discovered that we were entering our new careers without the competitive edge. To make matters worse, we found that the field of aesthetics was under increasing attack by the medical profession… and for good…

January 2023

Business Blogs

Brands of the Month

  • Face Reality Skincare
  • DMK Skin Revision Center
  • Repechage

Spa Highlights

  • SkinRx Clinical Spa
    SkinRx Clinical Spa SkinRX Clinical Spa is revolutionizing aesthetics by integrating modern science with holistic approaches to provide…
  • Evolve Skin + Wellness
    Evolve Skin + Wellness Evolve Skin + Wellness is a boutique facial studio located in Pasadena, California with frequent…
  • Zianna Wellness
    Zianna Wellness While deep, restorative relaxation is the norm at Zianna Wellness, the facility now offers guests…