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Building Your Credentials as a Clinician

Written by Danae Markland, LE
Each of us has the potential to become more as a skin health professional than our license could ever reflect. As clinicians, we have the unique opportunity to change the way a person thinks about themselves — to help improve their self-image and self-esteem. Whether specializing in relaxing facials, makeup application, hair removal services or chemical peels, we all have the ability to make someone…

The Quarterly Distributor Benchmarking Survey

Written by Professional Beauty Association
Second quarter results from the Professional Beauty Association's (PBA) Quarterly Distributor Benchmarking Survey are out and highly positive for reporting companies and the industry as a whole. A majority of reporting distributors, which increased since the survey was launched in the first quarter of 2012, reported higher sales, added at least one new line to their portfolio, and increased staff. "The PBA Distributor Benchmarking report…
The great inventor Thomas Edison once said, "Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." This equation is also applicable to success in the skin care industry. Perspiration – in the form of the constant pursuit of knowledge – fuels success and ultimately inspiration.  In this profession we have to stay on top of new, cutting-edge ingredients, product formulations and protocols, as well as…
This article will address the development of a man’s coordination of awareness regarding good skin care and the origins of their belief systems. These systems of accumulated experiences, whether internal or external, support or deter a man’s ability to research, seek out, purchase, utilize, and explore advancements that will improve their visual appearance by engaging in a regimen of consistent proper skin care. So as…
Spas are relaxing, pampering and non-invasive places of retreat from daily life, right? Although partly true, thinking this may limit the possibilities available. Of course we do not need to go to the other extreme, deliberately causing pain and trauma. Yet we can balance the treatment mix to include more treatment modalities in capturing a wider client and/or treatment base. Spa service is well founded…

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