Understanding Spa Product Labels

Written by Heather Kreider, L.E., R.N.
Spa product labels need to be more than just pretty; they also need to comply with regulations, specifically those set forth by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA). The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) enforces these laws, and since it considers all bath, body, and skin care products “cosmetics” (products created to cleanse or beautify),…

Helping You Transform Your Skin Care Business

Written by Shelley Hancock, L.E.
To create and sustain a successful skin care business, professionals need to stay up-to-date with the ever-growing and changing aesthetic equipment technology. Today's clients are savvy and results-oriented. There is so much information readily available to them on the internet. They are investigating technologies and want to know that the professional is current as well. They are no longer satisfied with an old fashioned steam…
The majority of students currently in aesthetic schools are focused on working in a medical setting, although the perceptions are sometimes unclear. There are many benefits to having skin care professionals work alongside physicians, but the line between aesthetic services and medical services must be fully understood.  

Taking the Next Step: Planning a Solo Career in the Skin Care Profession

Written by Douglas Preston, L.E., president of The Inspired Esthetician
Many skin care professionals dream of starting and running their own private skin care spa. There are a number of assumptions that influence this big decision, including the presumed satisfaction of owning an independent business, having creative freedom, and fulfilling ambitions. However, it is important to push the pause button on this fantasy and take a deeper look at what it truly means to run…
Licensed aestheticians in Washington State have until January 15, 2015 to apply for the master aesthetician endorsement. This clause allows practicing aestheticians to increase their scope of practice. If no action has been made by January 15, 2015, aestheticians will be required to go back to school for additional training. You qualify if you:

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