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Friday, 19 February 2021 10:37

Not Dismissed! Why Continuing Education Is Key to A Successful Career in Skin Care

Written by   Jamie Egan

Most people would agree that to be successful, you must be educated. The question is when does education end or does it ever end? Should one ever stop consuming and learning? In my opinion, no. Continuing education leads to success, especially as a skin care professional.

In some states across the country, continuing education credits are required to maintain licensure. Even if you live in a state where they are not required, there are many reasons why you should continue learning about this industry. Below I’ve listed some adjectives that explain why you should never stop educating yourself. You’ll be able to attach these descriptive words to your personal and professional resume, as long as you actively consume education.



We’ve all heard the phrase, “Knowledge is power,” and I wholeheartedly agree. Anytime you seek and consume new information in order to gain knowledge, you are growing as a person and as a professional by empowering yourself. More knowledge about industry-related topics will help you serve clients appropriately and more effectively than ever before. Knowledge provides you with the necessary skills to speak like the professional you are and will also help to market yourself.



Clients love to know that you have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for what you do. Furthering your education gives you more credibility. It enables you to stay up-to-date on new products, technology, ingredients, and concepts. For example, many times clients want to pick your brain about treatments you may not perform. Your ability to speak to these with some authority is key to establishing credibility by showing them you are current.



Continuing education also demonstrates your passion for your craft. Clients can always sense a passionate treatment provider. Personally, if I am receiving a service with someone who I sense is passionate about what they do, I am more inclined to enjoy the experience and return to them for other treatments. Being around passionate people is inspiring and uplifting and that resonates with consumers, so don’t be shy about expressing your passion for aesthetics.



When you exude confidence clients will have more confidence in you. They’ll recognize that you know what’s best for their skin. They will accept your recommendations and will return again and again. This will build confidence, and you’ll begin to see yourself as an industry expert.



I love the phrase, “Relationships are the new currency.” Participating in continuing education classes are a great way to get and stay connected with people in the industry. Meeting like-minded individuals who are willing to share their expertise and passion will help you grow and enhance your career and life overall. It is a form of networking that could lead to new clients, partnerships, and friendships. Get out there, take some classes, and connect with the industry you’re passionate about.



People who are educated have a certain appeal, a confidence that makes them attractive. We feel safe and confident in their presence; we hang on their words. Keeping yourself educated will help you become that attractive person that future employers and consumers are drawn to.

Now more than ever, it’s easy to find continuing education in the aesthetic industry. Many manufacturers and trade magazines offer online classes and webinars to participate in from the comfort of your home. Get out there, never stop learning, and set yourself apart from the competition. Knowledge is power so keep growing and glowing.

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