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In our aesthetic culture today, the word ‘cellulite’ has come to represent a hideous fat condition of the human body where by we will do just about anything to rid it. The term was first used in the 1920s and began appearing in English language publications around the late 1960s. The earliest reference appeared in Vogue magazine, the prestigious fashion journal. Vogue introduced this new…
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Sugaring Skin Disorders

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Professional body sugaring continues to demonstrate how multi-beneficial it really is when the correct education is provided for technique and theory. And you should have an opportunity to learn even more once you are certified so that you fully comprehend the variety of treatments applications your salon/spa can offer with it… from hair removal treatment options to “skin conditioning treatments” which you guessed it –…
Over the years, studies have been conducted to determine and guarantee the benefits seen from vitamins orally and topically in skin care. Through these studies an emphasis has been put on specific vitamins and the advantages from them being included in daily skin care health rituals – whether diet or skin care related. As always, a person's overall health and environment play a part in…

Sun Damage Repair

Written by Louis Silberman
As Jack Frost nips at our noses, it is a common tradition for families to escape to higher elevations for vacations in the snowy landscape. Unfortunately, with temperatures dropping and swim suit weather long gone, it is easy to forget about the dangers of sun exposure and importance of wearing sunscreen. What most people do not know is that UV rays during the winter are…
In this age of chemical exfoliants, aestheticians have many choices to make when deciding what to use when treating client's skin. In our struggling economy, we all work hard to make the best choices when choosing which products to use so as to maximize results while minimizing costs in the treatment room. We also have to carefully consider these factors when recommending to our clientele…

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