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In this age of chemical exfoliants, aestheticians have many choices to make when deciding what to use when treating client's skin. In our struggling economy, we all work hard to make the best choices when choosing which products to use so as to maximize results while minimizing costs in the treatment room. We also have to carefully consider these factors when recommending to our clientele…
The skin care industry has come a long way since the days of the mini facial and the basic bikini wax. Sure, in many salons and spas around the globe these simple procedures may still stand strong and actually be the "bread and butter" of the institution. However, it is unlikely that these treatments alone are what give your spa the edge it requires to…
Exfoliation is the name of the skin rejuvenation game. Whether treating acne or aging skin, professional exfoliation is of primary importance in determining any treatment’s direction. Indeed, chemical and physical professional exfoliation has a most illustrious history from wine and milk baths (tartaric and lactic acid) to pumice polishing (microdermabrasion) and the blunt knifelike instrument called a strigils, used by the ancient Egyptians for scraping…
Saturday, 14 May 2011 14:38

Shaping Your Marketing Plans

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Salons, spas, laser treatment centers, and medical spas all competitively and capably offer a wide variety of professional hair removal services today. These special services are very affordable for clients, highly desired, low cost, and highly profitable for you. However, hair removal services are rarely marketed effectively by most professional salons. When marketed properly, professional hair removal services will quickly make you known as ‘THE…
Saturday, 14 May 2011 14:37

Take Control of Your Laser Clients

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A recent review of our liability claims for the cosmetic laser industry showed an interesting trend: Many of the claims for laser burns resulted from the operator using power settings higher than recommended by the laser manufacturer. When queried as to why this had happened, in more than one instance the operator confessed their client was eager for results and the laser professional wanted to…

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