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Great Vitamin Treatments

Over the years, studies have been conducted to determine and guarantee the benefits seen from vitamins orally and topically in skin care. Through these studies an emphasis has been put on specific vitamins and the advantages from them being included in daily skin care health rituals – whether diet or skin care related. As always, a person's overall health and environment play a part in their physical well-being and visibly healthy skin. Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E have been found to be the most effective vitamins for skin care.

Total Elegance Age-Minimizing Facial
$165 for 50 minutes
This indulgent facial delivers the ultimate anti-age treatment for the face. Your client's skin will receive targeted massages to restart the natural mechanisms and reflexes of young skin. Ingredients such as vitamins A, B5, E, and F, combined with natural extracts of white willow leaf, ginkgo biloba, sunflower, soya, and wheat proteins, will reactivate the synthesis of lipids and plump up the dermal layer. Your client's skin will receive an immediate boost, resulting in visibly diminished fine lines – skin appears rested, less stressed, luminous, firmer, and more hydrated. The results are spectacular!
Canyon Ranch, The Spa
Lenox, Mass.

Liftosome Facial
$95 for 60 minutes
Providing an incredible lifting and toning effect, the Liftosome Facial instantly makes your client's skin look more youthful. Their skin receives a vitamin-enriched serum and self-heating mask that goes to the heart of the epidermis to tighten the elastic fibers and invigorates all cellular functions.
Fountains Day Spa
Alexandria, Va.

Multi-Vitamin Power Facial
$100 for 60 minutes
The Multi-Vitamin Power Facial will assist in minimizing the appearance of your client's fine lines and wrinkles with multi-vitamins for the skin. This facial starts with a multi-vitamin power exfoliation and then moves onto… steam, facial massage, nourishment, and cellular stimulation with a multi-vitamin mask to meet your client's individual skin care needs.
Sana Vida Wellness Spa & Tea Bar
Marble Falls, Texas

Vitamin C Infusion Facial
$150 for 60 minutes
Antioxidant vitamin C is the most effective way to repair and prevent the aging free radical damage resulting from environmental exposure. The most powerful formulation of pure vitamin C is literally infused directly into the client's skin to restore skin texture, elasticity, and firmness while fading your client's pigmentation problems and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.
Metamorphosis Day Spa
New York, N.Y.

Poker Face
$155 for 50 minutes
Reduce the telltale signs of aging on your client's skin with this gentlemen's facial. With vitamin C and vitamin A to help aid in repairing cell damage, your client's skin will show an immediate improvement in tone and firmness. They will look and feel revitalized while your spa's skilled aesthetician smoothes away stress and fine lines, leaving them relaxed and ready to put their best face forward.
Qua Baths & Spa
Las Vegas, Nev.

Deep"C" Vitamine Moisturizing Treatment
€ 50,00 for 50 minutes
This vitamin treatment is excellent for dry and aged skin. It begins with a cleaning and peeling phase and goes on with a massage by the application of a vial full of "A" and "E" vitamins. These have an effective anti-free radical action, appease wrinkles, and give a prompt luminosity to the skin on the face. At the end of this treatment, a mask and a moisturizing cream is applied.
TANGERINE SPA Benessere & Beauty
Via dei Villini, 8 - FIUGGI (FR) Italy

Antioxidant Vitamin C Facial
$145 for 80 minutes
This oxygenating, anti-aging facial utilizes ingredients brimming with antioxidants, including an application of natural Spirulina algae rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts, to combat premature aging, disrupt hyperpigmentation, and provide your client's skin with a healthy glow. This facial includes a luxurious massage including a hydrating hand treatment, scalp, and foot massage.
Safety Harbor Spa
Safety Harbor, Fla.

Ona Ultimate Environ®
$195 for 75 minutes
The Ona Ultimate Environ® is a clinical facial treatment with no fragrances or preservatives, designed to fight free radicals and repair the most damaged skin. After dead cells are removed with a glycolic lactic acid peel, the highest concentration of vitamin A and C is applied to regenerate the skin, followed by a reparative algae mask to infuse them deep into the client's skin.
ona spa
Los Angeles, Calif.

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