Fact or Fiction: Melanoma occurs from childhood sunburns.

Written by Kelly Richardson, founder of Venone PR and B.Bronz Sunless
Unfortunately, exposure to ultraviolet rays in younger years increases risk for skin cancer as an adult. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun plays a major role in the development of skin cancer. There is strong evidence documented by the Skin Cancer Foundation that chronic, or long-term, ultraviolet exposure can induce the development of actinic keratosis – a pre-cancerous condition – and two forms of skin cancer…

10 Things About: Ayurvedic Skin Care

Written by Melanie Sachs, co-owner of Diamond Way Ayurveda
Ayurveda is India’s traditional system of healing. It is holistic, meaning it views each unique individual as an intricately connected network of energy that has a body, mind, and soul. The ayurvedic approach to skin care comes from naming outer, inner, and secret beauties. In Ayurveda there are three aspects of beauty. Outer beauty covers all aspects of caring for and beautifying physical beauty including…
Flu season may have come to an end, but detox fever is alive and well. From juice fasts to colon cleanses, detoxes have been a colossal craze in holistic approaches to health for some time now. Mixed into the craze is underarm detoxing – a popular trend in natural underarm care. There is no denying that many traditional deodorants and antiperspirants are loaded with harsh…

A Knead for Release: Eliminating Fine Lines with Massage

Written by by Boldijarre Koronczay and Brian Goodwin
Perhaps the greatest connection professionals have with clients in the spa world is their hands. Hands are a tool for massage that can reduce tension, impart a radiant glow to the skin, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Many times, clients come into the spa and stress is written all over their faces. Stress increases muscle tension, causing the skin to fold and creating…
Reflexology is an effective form of therapeutic foot treatment that aims to treat the client from a mind-body-spirit perspective. Reflexology cannot isolate a disease such as cancer and treat it symptomatically, nor does it work on a problem organ or body system. This treatment works with a focus of inducing a state of balance and harmony. As a holistic therapy, reflexology aims to treat the…

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