Smooth Moves: 6 Treatment Options for Cellulite

Many women complain about cellulite and desperately try to find ways to make it disappear for good. While a healthy diet and regular exercise help immensely in maintaining a fit body and keeping cellulite at bay, they may not be effective all the time. Cellulite does not discriminate – on females, at least. While it is very rarely seen on men, it appears on women of all shapes and sizes. For minimizing the appearance of this pesky condition, there are a number of processes and procedures available today.

There are many creams and lotions on the market that contain caffeine, herbal ingredients, and retinol to help make skin smoother and more elastic, thus reducing the visibility of cellulite.

Another option for treating cellulite is anti-cellulite massage. The process combines certain massage techniques or dry brushing and the use of special devices. Together, they promote cellulite reduction by stimulating fat tissues, which, in turn, boosts circulation and breaks down fatty cells for a smoother skin appearance.

Quite similar to spa massages, endermology uses massage, rolling, and sucking techniques, but in a medical setting, to improve the lymph drainage of the skin and make cellulite less visible. This non-invasive process is one of the first FDA-approved cellulite treatments and is the least expensive professional procedure by far. However, multiple treatments are required to achieve desired results.

One of the most popular anti-cellulite treatments is radiofrequency. With the use of heat and electric current, radiofrequency is used to stimulate collagen production to tighten skin and break down fatty tissues that cause dimpling. The process is often combined with methods, such as infrared light therapy and massage or suction treatments, for better results.

Also called acoustic-wave therapy (AWT), this non-invasive cellulite treatment that utilizes shock-wave energy is administered using a handle-held pulse which destroys fat cells and improves circulation and lymph drainage.

These light-based treatments, though minimally invasive, help in tightening the skin and getting rid of the fatty tissues that cause cellulite. During the treatment, the physician numbs the skin and inserts a tiny laser device underneath. When activated, the laser loosens tight fibers and melts the fats that cause the bulges and dimples on the surface, creating a smoother and firmer appearance.

There are several other treatment methods for cellulite available that are not mentioned here. When tailored to the clients’ needs, these and other options can provide much desired results.

Stephanie Santos is the content specialist for Expert Aesthetix, a medical spa and aesthetic clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona that offers skin care solutions including skin laser treatments, Botox, Juvederm, wellness programs, and more. Aside from writing, she enjoys yoga and cooking for her family and friends.

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