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There is such a major focus on antiaging and finding the fountain of youth…just remember not all your clients are searching for that elixir nor do they want to look 10 years younger, they are young. Here is how I show these young things how to look like themselves only better.  After a skin care lesson and a delicious fresh, and friendly facial mask (Greek…

The Metamorphosis of Camouflage

Written by Christine Heathman, CPE, CME, Master Aesthetician USA
Camouflage makeup therapy is unique to all skin types and conditions and supports an emotional rehabilitation providing a metamorphosis for the mind, body, and soul of the recipient. According to the English Word Dictionary metamorphosis is a word that indicates a complete or marked change of physical structure or a marked change in appearance, character or condition, or someone who has gone through a complete…
If eyes truly are the “windows of the soul” then I say – LASH OUT! As a spa professional, you can not help but blink to notice how long, lush lashes are in your face! With icons like Shu Uemura, and his highly stylized Tokyo Lash Bar, lashes are coming of age in America with true lash extension manufacturers continually creating new products promising thicker,…
Summer makeup has always been about minimal looks, bronzed glowing skin and keeping it easy. When fall rolls around, the looks start to get more ornate and dramatic, which can be intimidating to many women. I know from my days of working retail that many of my customers were creatures of habit and liked wearing the same lipstick, blush or eyeshadow. When their favorite shade was…

Holiday Makeup

Written by Mary Van
The trend this holiday season offers you a couple of different looks from which to choose. Deep red lips balanced with a neutral eye or the smokey, expressive eye with barely there lips. Shimmer is in and is the perfect festive look for the holidays. Classic Crimson It's the return of the fabulous 40's classic look: pale, creamy skin with defined, red lips.

February 2024

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  • Skin Script
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