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Lipstick Talk: Lipstick Shade and Personality

Written by Sheilah Fulton, L.E., B.S., M.B.A., aesthetics instructor

Lipstick shades can define a client's personality and set forth their image to the world. Their shade of lipstick should enhance their wardrobe and allow their personality to shine. The choice of color they select can lift their spirits, motivate them, reflect a sense of adventure, and exude confidence.

Use the following lipstick shade personality map to help clients reveal their true self, new self, or alternate identity!

Red – Red is a classic color and its origin date back as far as the 16th century! Red is exhilarating, vibrant, and radiates beauty. Clients who wear red lipstick let the world know that they are confident, natural leaders, fashion-forward, goal-oriented, passionate, seductive, and energetic. Matte shades of red lipstick and cat eyes are a trademark of the classic beauty of the 1950s – a vogue fashion statement that has stood the test of time.

Pink – Pink lipsticks come in a variety of shades from icy pale pink to bright pink. Bright pink shades represent spontaneity, creativity, and a gregarious persona with a fearless sense of adventure! Pink shades also offer a hint of self-empowerment; these wearers are free-spirited and not afraid to take on new endeavors.1

The Family of Neutrals – Neutral colors and shades of brown and nudes are not merely for the serious-minded client. A matte neutral or glossy nude or brown make a subdued fashion statement. Understated shades help reveal natural beauty and a down-to-earth individual who is reliable and has a no-nonsense view on life. These shades indicate that the wearer is not easily fooled and does not hide behind fashion trends in order to define who they are. Their focus is on creating harmony among those within
their environment.

Corals – Fiery shades of burnt sunset colors or brick are both warm and earthy. The individual who is drawn to such lipstick shades is fun-loving, positive, enjoys a good laugh, appreciates fashion trends, and is authentic by nature.lipsticks

Wines and Shades of Plums – The darker the plums and wines, the more distinctive the look or visage. For the client who chooses these shades, the world is filled with challenges, none of which they succumb to. They are not afraid to passionately pursue life or love.

Whatever lipstick shade clients choose to wear, remind them that they have the freedom to explore new sides to their personality. Encourage them to mix it up, be creative, and show the world the colors of their stylish personality!

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