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When young aestheticians start out in their new journey, the opportunities are endless as to the direction of their career. At first, newly licensed aestheticians are eager to begin their careers and experience the fulfillment of her learning. As their careers progress over time, these aestheticians will discover what they love most about their field and may choose to pursue extensive schooling in one aspect of the field. When deciding to change career direction, these aestheticians have various avenues that can be chosen.

Aestheticians may choose to specialize in a specific area such as hair removal or spa services like body wraps or hydrotherapy. Most aestheticians enjoy the cosmetic field and may choose to specialize in makeup artistry. With makeup artistry, there are numerous avenues for the aesthetician to specialize in, such as permanent makeup or makeup for film and photography. Pursuing a career as a makeup artist will require additional training that will broaden the range of career opportunities, as well as offer the ability to work as a freelance makeup artist.

Continuing Education
There is a difference between advanced education and continuing education. In many states, a minimum number of hours of continuing education is required each year in order to maintain licensure. The aesthetician can choose from various areas of interest, which will enhance their knowledge within the workplace. Most continuing education courses are not accredited. They are offered by other professionals pursuing their own business in education. With continuing education, each professional should inquire at the state licensing level that the continuing education program is recognized by the state in which licensure is registered. The purpose of continuing education is to ensure licensure and enhance knowledge within a specific area of interest. Some continuing education courses do offer a certificate of achievement, which can be included in a career portfolio.

Advanced Education
Advanced education classes are designed for professionals who wish to pursue a higher standard of learning in a specific area of interest. Advanced education courses are available at many levels and may include many different areas of study. Advanced studies give the aesthetician the opportunity to pursue areas of interest, and in most cases, receive a certificate of achievement in that specific area of expertise. Advanced education will evidence that the professional wishes for career advancement and will make the professional more desirable to employers when compared to others who have not chosen advanced education. Not only will acquiring numerous training certificates enable these aestheticians to advance careerwise in the direction of choice, it allows them to be recognized as specialists in particular areas of study. With advanced education, aestheticians will escalate up the career ladder, as well as add credibility as a licensed professional. The aesthetician should know that some advanced education programs are accredited, but it is not required, nor is it a necessity, for recognition or job placement within the industry.
Most advanced education programs are offered by other licensed professionals who wish to pursue their own business in education. With advanced training programs, aestheticians should know the credentials and level of expertise of the professional who is offering the program, and they should ensure that the program offers the most up to date technology and information available. To ensure the highest level of credibility, advanced training educators should know, clarify, and state the practicing laws regarding the area of study and the most current scope of practice. It is the responsibility of the aesthetician to know state licensing laws and to practice within the current scope of licensure. Since state licensing laws are constantly changing, the aesthetician should keep current and updated on state licensing laws.

Advanced Clinical Aesthetic Programs
A clinical aesthetic program and certification is for aestheticians who wish to gain knowledge of advanced clinical skin care treatments. Clinical aesthetic programs offer studies in corrective skin care procedures that can be utilized in a skin care clinic or medical spa. Most clinical aesthetic programs offer a certificate of training, which can open new doors of opportunities to the aesthetician. Certificates of training on various topics will give the aesthetician an edge to furthering her knowledge and career. He or she will be in more demand within the job market.

Paramedical Aesthetic Programs
A paramedical aesthetic program is designed exclusively for aestheticians who wish to enter the medical field. This can include other medical practitioners such as nurses and non-core physicians, such as family practice doctors. Paramedical aesthetic programs offer comprehensive studies on numerous topics. They can be an invaluable resource to aestheticians who wish to pursue a career in the medical field. Paramedical aesthetic programs can also offer exposure and training on areas of practice for paramedical professionals and non-core physicians who wish to incorporate medical aesthetics into private practice. Paramedical aesthetic programs are not considered part of certified training or licensure in the medical field, but they can give practitioners invaluable knowledge in the area of aesthetic medicine. Some paramedical programs offer studies in cosmetic dermatology and anti-aging medicine, as well as specific topics of practice. With paramedical aesthetic programs, it is best to research the company and know the credentials and level of expertise of the professionals who are offering the program.

Working in the Medical Field
Some aestheticians choose to pursue careers in the medical field, such as working with dermatologists or plastic surgeons. A growing number of non-core physicians, such as family practice physicians, are choosing to implement cosmetic procedures into private practice, which increases the demand of opportunities for aestheticians who wish to embark in the medical field. One of the best ways for aestheticians to increase a chance in the medical field is to have advanced education training. There are many programs available, including specialized courses in chemical exfoliation, microdermabrasion, and laser training. Another way aestheticians can get exposure into the medical and laser field is to attend seminars which are held locally by various laser companies. There is no cost for these seminars and it is a great way to gain insight into laser technology and network with other medical professionals. The seminars are hosted by laser sales representatives, who may become an invaluable resource for career opportunities in the medical field. Most seminars have a physician guest speaker who discusses laser technology and applications in the medical field, which includes a detailed training manual for each attendee. These seminars not only give aestheticians exposure into the medical field, but they may also include a certificate of attendance, which can be included in a career portfolio. Aestheticians need to understand that advanced education in laser or IPL, is only recognized as such. It is not considered as formal training when working in a medical practice. Training on laser and IPL is state regulated and most states require by law that the esthetician must be trained on laser or IPL by the medical director, or by a nurse practitioner sometimes qualified as a laser safety officer. Once trained by the medical director the aesthetician becomes "certified" on that specific piece of laser or IPL equipment. Any previous training or advanced training on laser or IPL technology is not recognized at the state licensing or regulatory level when working in a medical practice. Advanced training in laser and IPL will only enhance credibility as a licensed professional and demonstrate exposure in the medical aesthetic field. It is up to the aesthetician to decide whether to pay large tuitions in laser training or obtain advanced training in cosmetic medicine for career advancement, which will increase opportunities of employment with a medical practice. In any case, advanced education will be recognized by physician employers, and is essential for entering the medical field.

Master Aesthetician Licensure
A master aesthetician is one who has experience in the medical field. In most states, there is no master aesthetics license. Master aesthetic licensure is being introduced at state licensing levels, with involvement and encouragement from aesthetic training institutes, cosmetology, or publishing companies. Other companies such as the NSPEP, offers a master level of recognition. By submitting professional credentials and medical training certificates the aesthetician can receive recognition. The aesthetician must also submit a letter signed by the physician employer, which states the level of experience and competency of the aesthetician working in a medical environment unsupervised by the physician. The master of aesthetics certificate, either through licensure or certificate of achievement, is the highest level of recognition in the aesthetic field.

Linda-Gulla-2014Linda Gulla is founder of the International Institute for the Advancement of Aesthetic Medicine, and offers advanced training to professionals as an educator and adjunct instructor in CME and CE. Gulla shares her knowledge in medical aesthetics, giving presentations to professionals at the International Dermal Institute. She has authored and published resource manuals in medical aesthetics and shared her expertise in advanced aesthetics as an editorial reviewer with Milady. Gulla provides professionals with opportunities for career advancement with the convenience of self-study, offering the first online certification in medical aesthetics, which includes content that has been accredited by the ACCME. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?

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