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Better Together: Collaborations & Accepting Help

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There comes a time in every solopreneur’s experience where help is needed. Because solopreneurship is so all-encompassing in its scope, solo business owners likely face all manner of tasks in their day-to-day bustle. Some duties will be intuitive, like caring for a client, scheduling their next appointment, and so on. Other tasks might be a bit more outside the normal expectations for the job. Building a website, establishing application programming interface (API) connections, choosing software, finding a location for the business, selecting a skin care line (or lines) to carry, and many more are responsibilities the business owner may need help with if they are not naturally inclined to solve them on their own. How does a small solo business owner find help? The internet is full of information and there is plenty of aesthetics information out there. From collaborations to consultants, vetting information to getting started, this space has the solo business owner covered. 

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Nichelle Mosley’s passion for aesthetics was born out of a desire to help others after failing to find help for her own acne as a young adult. Licensed in 2015, she has worked in clinics, plastic surgery practices, dermatologists’ offices, and with family practitioners. She then opened her own clinic in 2017, Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness. She focuses on integrative aesthetics and holistic solutions for clients’ skin concerns. As a member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, Mosley seeks whole-person solutions while delivering results for clients. She is also the 2019 Skin Games Age Management Champion and 2018 Skin Games Acne Finalist. 

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