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Salesy Soloist: The Role of Retail

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No matter the type of clinic a solo practitioner operates, they will likely have the opportunity to provide items for retail. Most are already doing this, but many who do, aren’t such big proponents of being salesy or constantly asking for additional business. The purpose of this column is not to persuade a solo practitioner to sell items at retail in their practice. This column’s intent is to convince the solo aesthetician that it is their duty to their business, their clients, and themselves to provide retail homecare (and other relevant items) to their clientele.

At the end of the day (and at the beginning too), soloists live to serve their clientele. Adhering to industry best sanitation practices, caring for each client’s safety, and monitoring their experience in the clinic is a natural thing for most solopreneurs in the aesthetics space. If something is beneficial for a client, practitioners should make it a priority as soon as possible. Retail sales should be the solo aesthetician’s priority for a host of reasons. 


Simply put, no matter the reason a client is visiting their spa provider, whether they are looking for skin revision, a pampering spa day, or education in caring for their skin, clients look to skin care providers for guidance and expertise. Solo practitioners who abdicate their ability to sell retail to their clients are overlooking a number of facts in this decision. 

T{/mprestriction}he client who does not have the opportunity to get their homecare from their service provider is going to purchase skin care products anyway. Why not guide them in this process so they have a proper experience and get proper products? The results a client sees in a skin revision case study are due in large part to their homecare, so a client’s purchasing homecare elsewhere will usually delay the results both parties are working toward. Clients who aren’t seeking skin revision will also have an overall better experience if there are retail products on offer. That special scent in the air, their favorite moisturizer, or whatever it is, they will have a more complete experience if they can take some of that experience home with them. 

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Nichelle Mosley’s passion for aesthetics was born out of a desire to help others, after failing to find help for her own acne as a young adult. Licensed in 2015, she has worked in clinics, plastic surgery practices, dermatologists’ offices, and with family practitioners. She then opened her own clinic in 2017, Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness. She focuses on integrative aesthetics and holistic solutions to clients’ skin concerns. As a member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, Mosley seeks whole-person solutions while delivering results for clients. She is also the 2019 Skin Games Age Management Champion and 2018 Skin Games Acne Finalist.

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