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Easy Exfoliation: Enzymes & Gentle Techniques

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Exfoliation is a topic of debate for many professionals and so-called skin experts. Everyone understands the concept of exfoliation, yet most people are doing it all wrong. Exfoliation is an important step in a skin care routine as there are many benefits of enzymes and gentle exfoliation techniques.

Let’s go back to the basics and relearn why exfoliation is an important step in a skin care routine. Not digging too deep, it is important to remember that skin naturally exfoliates when it goes through a cellular cycle. The stratum corneum is the protective layer and replaces itself every 28 to 30 days, yet as one ages, that cellular turnover rate slows down. Exfoliation becomes more important with age, but the key is to exfoliate correctly.

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Samantha DenchSamantha Dench is a 16-year licensed aesthetician, owner of Skin Deep, author, and speaker. Dench’s passion stems beyond treating the skin to include internal health to achieve healthy skin for clients by finding the root of the problem. She loves to educate groups of women and share her knowledge and passion of skin. Dench loves to share her book to help women take control of their skin. She is a single mom of three and loves to cook, bake, and find creative ways to find healthy alternatives to her favorite dishes. 

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