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What’s your recipe for staying motivated?

Written by   Ann McDonnell, L.E.

Love what you do. Be passionate about your profession. Do you love the study and care of skin and are you a people person? Do you get gratification from helping others? The aesthetics industry is one of service. If you are excited about what you do, you will greet every day with anticipation and enthusiasm.

Be curious. Stay current with industry directions and client tastes by knowing what new trends are developing. Stay on the cutting edge and remain informed with ongoing education and training that covers the latest market trends, preferences, and technologies. Learn new techniques and the latest developments in all facets of your field. Attend tradeshows, industry events, and join trade organizations to get a variety of perspectives. The most important way to stay curious is to focus on what clients are talking about and looking for. What do they want and need? This inquisition is the way to tailor business strategies and ensure success. 

motivationMaintain a balanced lifestyle. When you are impassioned about what you do, it is easy to neglect yourself. Maintain equilibrium between your professional life and personal time. Too much work can dampen your zeal, drain your energy, block your productivity, and burn you out. Ensure this does not happen by varying your schedule. Breaking your work routine will help recharge your batteries. You will feel energized and refreshed both on and off the job. Do not lose sight of your own needs. Practice the three essential principals of self-care: Good nutrition, adequate rest, and exercise. Commit to your own well-being!
Know what energizes you. What makes your spirit sing? Find out what makes your soul happy and do that regularly. Perhaps you are creative, athletic, social, like to volunteer, play an instrument, or listen to music. Do you enjoy visiting museums or galleries, traveling, or being in nature? As human beings, we are energy centers and conduits. Life force must flow into us, through us, and beyond us.
Set attainable goals. Setting realistic goals and investing energy into accomplishing them provides a sense of confidence and satisfaction that propels us forward to the next challenge.
Be positive. Make sure your internal dialogue, your self-talk, is supportive and encouraging. The same should be applied to relationships. Be appreciative. Positive energy expands and inspires.
Every day is a fresh start. Each day dawns with a new sun. Do not be hard on yourself and learn from and release mistakes. Move forward with an attitude of assurance and optimism.

Ann-McDonnell-2015Ann McDonnell, founder and developer of the award-winning EcoGenics Active Botanical Skincare System, is an aesthetician, educator, and speaker. Among the many awards and recognitions the EcoGenics line has received, including receiving Best Skincare in America by Taste TV, McDonnell’s vision is based on combining the best of nature and science to offer a holistic, effective, and multi-use skincare system to the busy client.

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