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Written by   Annette Hanson, president of Atelier Esthetique® Institute of Esthetics, Inc.

I am proud to say that I have spent nearly 30 years in business as a single, female owner in New York City. I have graduated thousands of aestheticians and I owe my success to my team of employees who have helped me throughout the years. Our recipe is to make every student feel welcomed in our small private school. Students know that my door is always open. I engage them in conversation, sharing lessons I have learned over the years. In fact, some of my students have even become members of my team.

I thrive on mentoring junior employees and taking them under my wing. I hand pick my staff; they must have excellent people skills, an outgoing personality, and knowledge of the beauty industry. My recipe when it comes to working in a new team member is hands-on experience. I put my employees through what I call the Annette Hanson Boot Camp. What better way to learn the ropes than following me around and watching what I do? Success starts with showing up on time and arriving with a positive attitude. My day begins early and ends late. I greet prospective students; I keep in touch with former students; I go over the curriculum with the instructors.
Aside from running a school, I am also very involved in our student clinic, where the top priority is customer service. I am grateful for my parents who taught me that if I was dedicated, I would succeed in whatever I chose to do. It was their hard work and commitment to taking care of their customers that has been my guiding principle. People always remember how they were treated, and they will return for that experience over and over again.
I teach my staff that customer service can be broken down into the five -ate’s: relate to them as an individual; evaluate their specific needs; communicate effectively as to how you can treat their skin; educate the client on how the products and treatments work; and motivate them to come back routinely. One thing will never change... there will always be a combination of ups, downs and, most of all, hard work.

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