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What’s your recipe for age appropriate makeup?

Written by   Noreen Young, L.E.

Depending on the client’s age, the makeup artist will need to assist the client with an age-appropriate look. Some young clients want to start using all kinds of makeup at a very young age. My advice is to guide them. As I apply makeup to their face, I make it even more of a learning experience by having them apply makeup along with me. This teaches them how to achieve the look at home. This is a beauty guide to help professional makeup artists create age-appropriate looks.

With pre-teenagers most are longing to get started with makeup. Some even want to wear foundation and black mascara at age 10. When doing a consultation, keep it pretty and simple. First, talk to the client about skin care and how they should wash and protect the skin day and night. I suggest that the professional shows them a blush, lip gloss, and also a fragrant hand-and-body lotion. At age 10, they are starting to like fragrance. The professional should also recommend drinking water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and staying healthy to help make the skin look prettier. I would remind the client, with a smile, that they have plenty of time and years to get all dolled up.
On the other hand, teenagers believe they are ready to use every product available. Before applying any makeup, demonstrate a simple skin care regimen, one with few products. The professional should advise the client about a facemask to maintain a clear complexion. They should be advised that even oily skin needs a moisturizer.
The client should then be shown her a soft-finish foundation, like a powder and makeup base in one, or a tinted moisturizer. I would also apply concealer (if needed) and a dash of foundation, along with a light dusting of rice powder (it is truly translucent). Next, I would apply a lipstick, lip gloss, or lip-balm, and then a kiss of blush. The eyelid can be swept with a light-to-medium color all over the eyelid. Champagne, beige, or nude look great and natural.
Clear mascara is a fabulous eyelash conditioning choice and offers double-duty beauty as an eyebrow tamer. If the teenager insists on mascara, I like to suggest eggplant, teal, or navy. I advise the client to stay away from black as it looks harsh. These shades really open the eyes and take away a tired appearance. A medium brown mascara offers a natural look but the colored hues are fun, too. Color has never been as fashionable as it is now.
Makeup artists should always finish the consultation and application with a face chart. Show the client on paper where each shade was applied. Ask the client questions! They will most likely answer and tell you what you need to hear. Ask questions such as: What are your favorite colors to wear? What colors do you dislike? Do you prefer lip gloss or a lipstick? What do you want to improve on your face?
In addition, makeup artists should always remember to listen. Allow the client to speak and explain what they want and feel. No question is silly or stupid. Makeup artists are there to help. Above all, you want them to feel it, not just look it. Help them to achieve both. Their consultation should be a fun experience. If you started using a lot makeup at age 12 do not assume that the client wants to as well. It is all about the client and working together on creating a look they will love.

Noreen-Young-2015Noreen Young is an internationally-known makeup artist, educator, and motivational speaker. She is an author and has a series of how-to videos for the beauty professional. Noreen is a consultant to cosmetic companies, salons, and day spas.
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