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Ayurveda (pronounced: are-you-vay-da) is a Sanskrit term. "Ayur" comes from the noun "ayus" meaning life, living or longevity. "Veda" comes from the verb "vid" meaning to know about, to study or science. Thus Ayurveda is commonly translated as science of life or study of longevity. It is the knowledge of what it takes to live a balanced, healthy and inspiring life. Ayurveda originated in the…


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When we enter the spa for relaxation and that all important get away from the rush of everyday life we have certain expectations. There is an ambiance that is created within the spa, the soft, relaxing music, the pleasing to the eye décor, and the cozy treatment rooms. There is however the ‘Spa smell’. The luxurious, gentle smell of essential oils that lulls you into…
In August of 1979, I was at the end of my rope. I was 38 years old, but I felt helpless and hopeless. More than three years of rapidly declining health had left me nearly disabled by pain, fatigue, and depression; all of which were caused by a disease syndrome that no doctor could properly diagnose. The best that they could offer me was the…
HOLISTIC: The word implies healing and wellness. It is a word that we are seeing more and more in the spa industry. The word actually does refer to healing. When a person is out of "balance", they are literally feeling "torn apart" by their perceptions of the pressures of their life. Because of this, their body manufactures different kinds of chemicals that aid in their…
Reiki, a Japanese word that means universal life force, is the practice of using the hands system to balance the body. Based on Chinese Medicine and the philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism, Reiki is considered an effective means for alleviating pain, depression and anxiety. Reiki draws from the idea that spiritual energy flows through a Reiki provider who can transfer energy to a patient and…

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