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Five years after writing my first article on how the digestive system impacts skin, I find that very little has changed in how those of us within the skin industry are educating clients. In fact, I find very little education being done at all, and I wonder why. Do not misunderstand me, please. Most of us do educate about the products and treatments used in…
New ingredients are being introduced into the skin care market everyday and with the market being a multi-billion dollar industry, this phenomenon won’t slow down anytime soon. Having narrowed down the hundreds of ingredients, here are the top ingredients to look for in current skin care formulations. Peptides are Here to Stay First and foremost, we must discuss the continued interest of the use of…
As a spa professional, it is important to be aware of the effect toxins have on the skin and the internal system. Being aware will in turn motivate you to become knowledgeable on how to select the right products, equipment, and treatments that can have a positive impact on repairing damage caused by toxin exposure.
With access to so much information, your client is increasingly placing their faith in real science to ward off the inevitable signs of aging. The uninformed aesthetician or skin care professional therefore needs to understand the importance of communicating hard science and not hard sell to their clients.
What is Thalasso therapy and how can it be used by aestheticians, doctors, cosmetologists, and nail technicians to improve the look and feel of their client's face and body while promoting psychological well-being?

February 2024

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