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The cell is the basic unit of life. Healthy cells make up healthy tissue and healthy tissue contributes to healthy skin. At one time, it was believed that aging was an infallible process of life, but recent studies indicate that aging and cellular function are closely related. Aging manifests on a myriad of levels from single cell to whole animal. Human cells are eukaryotic cells, which…
Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been continually searching for the cleanest, best tasting water with the most health benefits. In fact, the quest for pure, sweet tasting water has been going on for longer than the quest for the Holy Grail! Today, the popularity of water is evidenced by the well being of the bottled water industry, creating a convenient way to get…
SKIN, the largest most complex immune organ of the body, is delicately assembled by millions of independent multifaceted spheres and existing inside these self-contained cells there lives settlements of compatible micro residents cohabiting together in water plasmic freedom. This complicated cellular quilt that protects every inch of the body, shielding against many types of bacterial and viral invaders, has also become the most sought after…

August 2022

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