October 2018 Tools of the Trade: Tools recommended for eyelash products.

 Trendsetters share insights on their recommendations for eyelash products.


SkinBlendsCEO of Skin Blends LLC


Kathleen Carney


“Everybody wants lovely long-looking eyelashes and eyelashes LTD is the perfect eyelash enhancement product. It enhances the eyelashes for clients with eyelash extensions or clients wanting to enhance their natural eyelashes. The nourishing and moisturizing ingredients also help keep eyelashes from breaking.”







GrandeCEO of Grande Cosmetics



Alicia Grande


“I developed GrandeLASH-MD, a proprietary blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, to help women achieve the eyelashes of their dreams! In just four to six weeks, the serum promotes longer, thicker-looking eyelashes, naturally. Ten years later, GrandeLASH-MD has become an award-winning product and was named the cult favorite eyelash serum – not to mention, it is safe, easy to use, effective, and cruelty-free!”











Brand Manager at ROCASUBA, INC.


Nicole Pigott


“I have a compromised immune system and, prior to using RapidLash®, I often experienced dry, brittle, and sparse eyelashes. I also have a habit of rubbing my eyes and I am prone to my eyelashes falling out prematurely. I was so happy to discover RapidLash 10 years ago, which keeps my eyelashes hydrated and moisturized, allowing for more durability, flexibility, and less breakage. The appearance of darker, longer-looking, and volumized eyelashes are just the remarkable added benefits!”










CEO of TheLashChick


Diane Lytle


“ProBond Eyelash Extension Adhesive was specifically designed and manufactured to be used around the sensitive eye area for the application of eyelash extensions while lessening chances of irritation or sensitivities found with many other adhesives on the market. A unique feature of ProBond is that it is a low carbon adhesive which offers amazing retention for both volume and classic eyelash application in a fast drying, low viscosity formula. ProBond Adhesive has became a cult favorite with eyelash artists nationally and internationally. Try it for free at Thelashchickpro.com.”



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