Tools of the Trade: Sun Care (2016)

Trendsetters give insight on the tools they recommend 
for sun care.


avery-graham-2Noble-Shield-SPF-58Founder and CEO of Avery Graham Skincare
Elizabeth A. Cardarelli
“Despite the fact that I am a red head and always burn, I hated the feeling of smelly, greasy, mucky, tacky SPF. As a result, I created Noble Shield SPF 58, a physical sunscreen. A sunscreen that gives a beautiful, flawless appearance and can be used as a foundation or moisturizer is definitely not what you would expect from a high coverage SPF. It is also lightly tinted and will acclimate to any skin color – from the fairest to the darkest.”


Lydia-SarfatirepechangeFounder and CEO of Repêchage®
Lydia Sarfati
"I love our Mineral Face Shield because it is my skin’s personal body guard! The skin not only needs protection from the sun, but also from pollution and environmental aggressors that can cause free radical damage. The mineral-based formula contains zinc oxide, seaweed, and nylon-12, ingredients that work together to create the necessary protection that the skin needs. I also love that it doubles as my makeup primer and does not peel or leave my skin greasy. No matter what time of the year it is, I never leave home without applying Face Shield!”


Amy-ColangeloSOL-defense-SPF-30Director of Education for Skin for Life
Amy Colangelo
“I absolutely love our new SOL defense SPF 30 tinted sunscreens, which now come in a natural, medium, and dark tint. I love the fact that they give a pretty complexion to all skin tones without any white residue! It contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which help to diffuse any redness. It also evens out skin tone, so when clients leave the spa, they have a beautiful, flawless finish without the need for any makeup!”


Mike-BruggemanSun-Secure-Natural-Mineral-SPF-30Vice President of International Brand Development and CEO of Organic Male OM4
Mike Bruggeman
“When I launched Protect: Sun Secure Natural Mineral SPF 30, I wanted it to be different than other solar care options on the market. This product has dual functions as an SPF 30 and brightening treatment. The novel brightener, ergothioneine, is a natural amino acid and antioxidant that boosts cellular energy, chelates metals, and inhibits tyrosinase, the leading causes of collagen degradation and sun damage. Because I live in an extreme environment – above 9,000 feet – Protect is the only SPF I choose for my active lifestyle.”

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