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Tools of the Trade: Dry Skin

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Trendsetters give insight on the tools they recommend 
for treating dry skin.


Cherie-DobbsCDDermastart, Inc. Founder
Cherie Dobbs
"I love the new Pop Sugar Lips. It is my new addiction. We revised the existing formula to make it more hydrating and gave it a sweeter yummy taste. It is the perfect sugary combination of sweetness. My favorite is creamy mint. This product is whipped with a special blend of nourishing butters (argan, kokum, and shea) and then finished with organic sugar cane, together help exfoliate dryness and winter blues." pranaspaceuticals.com






Glo Marketing Vice President
Robin Olson
"More and more, our customers have come to expect multi-tasking formulas and treatment moisturizers that deliver multiple performance benefits in one easy application. Glo's Moisturizing Tint is an incredible beauty balm, color corrector, primer, SPF, and daily moisturizer in one weightless, whipped, elegant formula. I love that it is available in four versatile shades to enhance and protect a spectrum of skin tones. For many of us, this amazing product has become an absolute must have." gloprofessional.com



Louise-MarchesinLMskinade Marketing Global Head
Louise Marchesin
"I have always had very dry skin, scalp, and hair, to the point where I struggle to find creams that give my skin the nourishment it needs. Drinking skinade® daily has completely changed that. Within a couple of weeks, my skin felt much less dry, my scalp felt less itchy, and my makeup would last all day! People commented on my glowing complexion. It really goes to show that what you put inside your body reflects on the outside!" skinade.com






Shunri-MacQuarrieSMShunly Skin Care Founder
Shunri MacQuarrie
"Fundamental healthy skin must have the right pH scale after cleansing and before any other products are applied. A well-formulated toner can provide truly amazing benefits to the skin and is essential to achieving a healthy, radiant glow. Thanks to the pH≈CoQ10+A-Oxy Toner, which gives my skin good balance and hydration without using any oil or emollients, I have not used a moisturizer in the past 10 years. It has coenzymeQ10, chamomile, sage, papaya, cucumber, and orange. This toner is free from oil, alcohol, fragrances, parabens, and gluten. It is cruelty-free and vegan friendly. This toner is very important to my daily skin care routine!" shunlyskincare.com



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Tools of the Trade