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Trendsetters give insights on the tools they recommend for waxing.

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 Trendsetters give insights on the tools they recommend for waxing.


TotT SkinBlends March2018Founder of Skin Blends, LLC


Kathleen Carney


“Agape is the purest form of love. I love this wax and you will too. Tru Blue Hard Wax is a gel hard wax that can be used on any skin or hair type. It glides on incredibly smoothly. I can use Agape’s piggy-back method (shiny side to shiny side) for ultimate client comfort and the most complete hair removal – especially when doing brazilian waxing.”





TotT BiON March2018Master Aesthetician and Director of Sales at BiON Research Skincare Products

Ashley Bean

"I absolutely love ItalWax’s Crystal Premium Level Synthetic Hard Wax. It is part of a new generation of hypoallergenic waxes that are ideal for sensitive skin types and areas such as the bikini line, face, and underarms. It contains no natural pine resin and heats at a low temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It has high plasticity – it never breaks during application – and it never leaves a sticky residue on the skin. Synthetic waxes have greater maneuverability; they are less painful and cause much less irritation.”


TotT RelaxNWax March2018







Licensed Aesthetician and Founder of Relax & Wax

Deborah Merhar

“It is hard not to love Relax & Wax’s Hair Did it Go? It offers the same results as laser hair removal at a fraction of the cost. Hair Did it Go? works on all skin and hair types. I was not a candidate for laser; I am blonde with fine hair. Now, I am hair free! Simply wax, apply the hair retarding enzyme, and send the remainder of the product home with the client. No more losing clients to laser!”



TotT SatinSmooth March2018





Director of Marketing for Satin Smooth

Susanna DiSotto

“There are endless benefits of using Satin Smooth™ Amethyst Crystal Gem Wax. This highly enriched wax, infused with precious-gem minerals, is formulated with coconut oil and other super-nutrients that help nourish dry skin and provide better hydration after waxing. Amethyst Crystal can be used for delicate areas on the face and body for a clean, confident waxing. All of Satin Smooth products are dermatologist-tested and specially designed for a customized service.”


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