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A Step by Step: The Facial that Fights Back

Written by   Tami Rumbaugh, L.E.

A Professional Protocol for Protection Against the Sun
2016 has proven to be the year of essential and easy sun care. Skin care products are now including sun protection ingredients in every aspect of professional product lines. The most important step to take when creating a sun-savvy skin care routine is to decide the amount of sun protection that is needed for the client's lifestyle.

The following routine is a sunscreen protocol that is effective and user-friendly. This facial will help the skin withstand the stress of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that make the skin more susceptible to the negative impact of the sun.


1. Sanitize the implements, hands, and work area.

pink-towel2. Analyze the client's skin for indications and contraindications. Properly record all findings.

3. Remove eye and lip makeup with a cotton square saturated in eye makeup remover and use cleansing oil to perform a pre-cleanse. The pre-cleanse should be followed by a professional cleanse, with any residue being removed with a damp cotton square.

4. Analyze the skin a second time for a deeper understanding of skin conditions and potential contraindications.

5. Exfoliate with an enzyme peel. This peel should be applied with a damp facial brush to the entire face. After applying the peel, the use of steam is optional.

6. While the client is being exfoliated for approximately seven to 10 minutes, massage their arms and hands with an aromatic oil.

spray7. Using a new cotton square, remove the peel from the face. Proceed to remove any remaining residue with a warm towel that has been steeped in a botanical soak.

8. At this time, perform extractions, as needed, being cautious of softened, exfoliated skin. When finished, apply a tea tree preparation lotion to all of the areas where extractions were performed.  

9. Spray a toner to the entire face, followed by a brightening serum, which should be applied through tapotement.

10. With a damp facial brush, apply a green tea mask to the face. Allow the client to rest for 10 to 15 minutes with eye pads saturated in a botanical soak.

11. Using a light oil, massage the neck and shoulders during the masking process. When finished, methodically remove any remaining residue from the mask.

12. Spray the client's face, neck, and décolleté with the toner and apply a daytime serum to the same areas.

13. Apply an eye gel to the periorbital region and a moisturizer and broad spectrum sunscreen to the entire face.

14. Optional add-ons: Apply a tinted moisturizer to the client's face or an anti-aging product to their lips.

TamiA native San Diegan and UCLA alumna, Tami Rumbaugh gained experience from the medical laser industry and is currently an aesthetician for clinics in La Jolla and Palm Desert, Calif. She also consults for a variety of projects within the aesthetic industry. As an educator for CA Botana, Rumbaugh shares her love for skin care techniques and the science behind getting great results with fellow professionals and students in the industry.

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