Acne Attention: Motivating Teenagers to Commit to Treatment Regimens

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Today there are so many options and products for treating teenagers and their acne. While the consumer market is riddled with less-than routes, skin care professionals know they have the superior treatment plans for their younger clients. These clients come with their own hurdles, such as getting them to commit to an acne regimen, especially if there is a hereditary propensity towards it. Most of the time, existing clients will turn to their spas because they have a teenager that is either suffering from full-blown acne (In this case, it may be best to refer them to a dermatologist where they can possibly be treated with a topical.) or their teenager’s complexion is just starting to break out. Nevertheless, this is the best time to use your knowledge and expertise to have a fun and informative skin care discussion with your new, youthful client.

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Melissa BlackMelissa Black is the founder and owner of Bombshell Beauty Lounge Salons and Candy Coat Beauty Wax + Sugar with locations in Richmond, Virginia; downtown Las Vegas, Nevada; and West Hollywood, California. As a master aesthetician and permanent makeup and tattoo artist, she has been in the industry for more than three decades. Black has dedicated her knowledge to building brands and developing techniques with a proven track record of success in the world of aesthetics.

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