Detox Demo: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Detox Demo: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

presented by Marconi Rodas, L.E.

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The facial massage is one tool from a skin care professional’s arsenal that can take their clients’ treatment to an elevated level. Therapeutic in nature, manual lymphatic drainage’s benefits include decongestion, pain relief, improved wound healing, and detoxification for the client. This class will explain the power of the massage and demonstrate step-by-step facial sculpting techniques, as well as the best practices to bring the magic to any skin care professional’s hands.


Marconi Rodas

Boston, Massachusetts born, Marconi Rodas has become one of the city’s most sought after facialists. Established in 2018, he set up Marconi Castle Skincare in Chelsea, Massachusetts – the first in the city’s history. Since his arrival in the industry, Rodas’ client base has exploded and so has his reputation as a skin care expert working on some of Hollywood’s top actresses. His facial treatments are designed to stand out in a world of injections and quick fixes, offering high-end, noninvasive facials inspired by his own skin struggles.


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