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The skin is an amazing protective organ that we, as skin care professionals, have the exciting job of treating. Although every patient is different - from skin condition, oil production, and Fitzpatrick type - achieving healthy skin is always the desired result. With so many products and treatment options available, reaching this goal can at times be difficult. However, no matter what the patient’s skin…
I've heard aestheticians counsel acne clientele to do everything from using all-natural, organic based formulations to lab-tested, clinically oriented products; from eliminating various stresses to eliminating specific foods; from changing one facet of a daily routine to changing an entire lifestyle. In truth, there is no one way to control a client’s acne. Different genetics, lifestyles, and chemical makeup leave a great deal of room…

The XY Factor

Written by Deanna Beaver
Over the past 15 years, men’s skin care has grown dramatically! No longer are our male clients tagging along with their significant others. They are coming for themselves to relax, rejuvenate, and to have their specific skin concerns met. I can assure you that once they have a facial, they will be hooked! Most aestheticians that I have worked with are uncomfortable treating a man…
There haven’t been too many topics capturing more attention recently than the growing male market in skin care and spas in general. Google the topic and you will be bombarded with nearly 47 million entries. It’s interesting to pause for a moment to consider why there’s been such an explosion of information about men’s skin care and, along the same lines, such a surge in…

Slow the Hands of Time

Written by Anne C Willis
Some aspects of aging are out of our control and we should learn to accept these changes with grace. The plain fact is we are all going to get old, at least I hope so. As we strive for health and longevity we should consider not how long we live, but the quality of our lives as we age. I equate aging with vitality and…

April 2024

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