Tuesday, 20 September 2022 09:27

Say It, Don’t Spray It: Aerosol Alternatives

Written by   Yashi Shrestha

Spray-can propellants, or aerosols, are nothing new – the big hair of the 80s popularized by hairspray companies demonstrates this best. Fast-forward to the present, aerosols are now everywhere, from household to personal care products in hairsprays, bug repellants, cooking oil, deodorants, and more.  

However, consumers have come to understand the damaging effects of aerosols and propellants, calling for cleaner formulations, transparency in the process, and greater sustainability in the beauty industry. Brands and the industry can no longer afford to ignore the consumer desire for more environmentally friendly products, and aerosol packaging needs to be added to this conversation.  

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Yashi ShresthaYashi Shrestha is director of science and research at Novi, a turnkey solution for formulators to build beauty and personal care products that meet the complex transparency needs of today’s consumers. Novi does this by gathering detailed raw material information directly from suppliers and making it possible to easily cross-check against detailed regulations and retailer standards. Formulators can build new products, sample new ingredients, and order raw materials and packaging directly on Novi - enabling transparency and compliance without the paperwork and endless reformulations. 

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